Most charming small towns in Colorado

Are you tired of living in a big and crowded big city? You are considering the option of moving to one of the charming small towns in Colorado. It has a lot of benefits.

Some of the reasons why people choose to live in a small town are:

  • Strong sense of community and neighbors are friends
  • Lower taxes for property and bigger homes
  • Small towns in Colorado have a lower crime rate
  • Affordable costs of living including housing
  • Clear and fresh air
  • Less traffic and more parking lots
  • Better for kids because it is safer and they can play outside without you worrying

These are some of the reasons why Americans are abandoning large cities and want to start a new life in a smaller place. Colorado is one of the best options because it has a lot of beautiful small towns to offer.

The list of most beautiful and charming small towns in Colorado

Where are Americans moving to, where you should move? How to decide. Well, one of the options is to make a list of potential smaller towns in Colorado. The Internet can give you a lot of information about different towns in the USA, you only need to spend some time researching.

One of the small towns in Colorado.
Colorado has many beautiful small towns you should, at least, visit


Vail of known for Vail Ski Resort and this is why people want to live here or to have a second (vacation) home here. The nature is breathtaking and Colorado’s largest ski mountain is located here. Lakes, forests, mountain, small charming houses, it is like a small paradise. If you want to move and transport your items here, Vail has to offer good service that will help you with relocation. The population is almost 6,000 and it offers residents an urban feel, even it is a small town – the nightlife is great. 


Telluride has a long and rich history, that is why this small town is charming. Some buildings are built in the late 19th century. The population is only 2,000 but on the other hand, you won’t be bored here. The nightlife is amazing and at the same time, this place is good for families with kids. Telluride has many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops and also, many young professionals live here as well.


This town also has a ski resort, besides Vail. Breckenridge Ski Resort is a popular ski resort –  one of the most visited in the Western Hemisphere. But, skiing is not the only thing that attracts people to be here. It is a place good for families and young professionals too. It has a lot of bars,  clubs, and restaurants, so it is not one of the boring small towns where you don’t have anything to do.


It is one of the best places to live in Jefferson County, CO because it has amazing and highly rated public schools, the crime rate is low, and housing is affordable. The population of Evergreen is around 8,700. Denver is only 30 miles away from this small town, so if you are working in Denver or you want to go out with friends in a big city, Denver is close. For moving to Evergreen, hire specialists that can take care of this relocation and you can enjoy it. 

Steamboat Springs

Rocky Mountain town – Steamboat Springs, has Steamboat Ski Resort and amazing nature. It is located in Routt County and it gives an urban-suburban mix feel. Most residents here own a house (a primary home or a vacation home). Besides skiing, you can kayak here in Yampa River or ride a bike.

Estes Parks

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Estes Parks is a place for you. Skiing, hiking, biking, etc. If you want to retire, this may be one of the places to consider as your future home. Housing is affordable, it has a low crime rate and 56% of residents are older than 55 yr. A quiet place where you can have a peaceful life, that is what Estes Parks offer.


This small town in Colorado was founded in the late 1880s, so if you want to live in a town that has a rich history, this is it. 19th-century buildings still exist and the architecture is breathtaking. The median home value is only $278,000, which is the most affordable on this list. It does not have a lot of residents and it is a very peaceful place.

Move to Colorado stress-free

After choosing a place in Colorado where to move to, it is time to research moving companies that will help you move with ease. Choose a company with experience and a company with a moving license. Visit different websites, one of them is, read online moving reviews, contact a couple of movers, ask for recommendations, etc. Make sure to move all your items safely and fast to your new home in CO.

Moving to Colorado.
To have easy relocation, you should consider hiring a moving company from Colorado

After moving, meet your neighbors

In small towns, everyone knows each other and neighbors are friends. So, get to know your new neighborhood and introduce yourself after moving, Throw a party after unpacking all the moving boxes, and make new friends. It is normal in smaller places and it is one of the reasons why people want to live there. Especially families with kids. It is a big advantage to know your neighbors and to hang out with each other.

A fence.
Small towns have a strong sense of community and residents are like a big family


If you are able, visit small towns in Colorado before making the final decision. Only this way you will get a clear picture of what they have to offer. Choosing a place where to move is the first step, after that comes moving preparations and organization. Get some help – from friends or moving experts and make your relocation easier.

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