Most family-friendly Miami suburbs

Considering a move to sunny Miami with your family? That can be a great thing for you! Despite its popularity as a vacation spot, this city in Florida is a great place to put down permanent roots. Check out these top five family-friendly Miami suburbs to find excellent schools, cheap homes, plenty of parks, and exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy. Florida is so much more than just a state for seniors. It can be great for young professionals (especially in Miami) because it’s full of job opportunities. Also, it can be the ideal place to raise your family. You just need to pick the perfect spot. Obviously, suburbs are the best for kids so we will be focusing on them now. We will also show you (when the time comes) who can help you out and get you to your chosen suburb.

Coconut Grove is the most affordable family-friendly Miami suburbs

Coconut Grove is a great place to raise a family if you value proximity to the water, top-tier educational opportunities, and a bit of wiggle room in your housing budget. This place will also be good for your wallet.  Coconut Grove Elementary and George Washington Carver ( this is the middle school) are two of the best schools in this county. They’re both located in Miami’s oldest neighborhood, which is on Biscayne Bay. On top of that, it’s a great place for families to settle down because it’s one of the safest areas in all of Miami. We made sure to find you the suburbs with the lowest crime rates. We noticed that retirees are moving from Miami to one of its suburbs so this can also be a great retirement spot.

A couple with a real estate agent observing an apartment
You will be able to find a nice home for a great price in this area. How cool is that?

Coral Gables

Miami Beach is not the only amazing place for people with kids! Families adore Coral Gables, and for good reason! The University of Miami is located in this Miami suburb, so not only can older children get their degrees close to home but also some of the best schools in Miami like Coral Gables Preparatory Academy and of course famous Sunset Elementary School, are located in this area. In addition, Coral Gables is a great place to find bigger, more modern estates that retain their value well if you’re looking to buy a home in the Miami area.

Kendall is our favorite suburb

Kendall, a South Miami suburb, is widely regarded as a top destination for families with young children. The area is ideal for families, with plenty to do and excellent schools like  Kendale Elementary, School for Advanced Studies, and William H. Lehman Elementary. The best part is that they are all within easy commuting distance. Despite Kendall’s distance from Downtown Miami, the Metrorail makes the trip fairly convenient for working parents. This suburb is also pretty safe.

If you are moving to this area make sure to reach out to skilled neighbors to help you to unpack and settle in. Getting adequate help can mean a lot especially if you are moving with your kids.

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Can you imagine yourselves living here?

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is a great place for families to live, especially because of its proximity to beaches and other outdoor activities. Despite being a very popular tourist destination and one of the more expensive neighborhoods in the Miami area. Oceanfront condos, high-rise luxury apartments, and sprawling Mediterranean mansions are all available here for families. Moreover, Key Biscayne is only 15 minutes (drive) outside of Downtown Miami, so getting to and from the city is a breeze!


Pinecrest is one of the best places in Miami to raise a family. Palmetto, Florida, is a popular Miami suburb because of its safe, family-friendly atmosphere and excellent public schools, including Palmetto Elementary School, Middle School, and High School (they all have the same name). This can be a great place to settle down in the Miami-Dade area. If you’re looking to buy a home with a sizable yard and a pool fit for a king or queen – you are in the right place. Many families live here. If you plan on moving here our best advice is to call Pro Movers Miami to help you out.

Flagami is the best neighborhood for pet owners

Flagami is a very diverse neighborhood. Many parents live that fact. This suburb is located between Miami International Airport and Blue Lagoon. In this residential area, people can be seen regularly taking their pets for strolls along tree-lined streets lined with reasonably priced bungalows and townhouses. Nonetheless, Flagami residents can quickly access additional recreation options, such as a golf course. That’s not all, you also will have a water park nearby, without having to travel far from home. Flagami is one of the best places to purchase a property in Miami. Mainly because it’s safe and affordable. Downtown commuters should plan on a half-hour drive.

A real estate agent handing over the house keys to a client
We showed you our favorites. Now it’s up to you to research and decide but before you do that we have one more thing to say…

Choosing between those family-friendly Miami suburbs

Now comes the hard part. We pointed you in the right direction and showed you some of Miami’s best suburbs. All of them are family-friendly, safe, and somewhat affordable. You will need to do some serious research now. Before we go we just wanted to tell you one more thing. When it comes to moving with your kids you should hire professional movers. That is a great way to make the relocation much easier for you. Make sure to consult all your family members before you made any huge decision (like buying a house in Miami or one of its suburbs.  Good luck!

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