Most Popular US Cities Among Young Adults

In 2021, are you considering moving to a different city? These 5 most popular US cities among young adults have everything you could desire and are worth checking out, whether you’re searching for a town that provides cheap living, work prospects, exciting things to do, or all of the above.

Minneapolis, MN

What makes Minneapolis such a great environment for young adults? It’s simple to obtain work in Minneapolis, which is home to large firms like Target, US Bank, and Ameriprise Financial. Your hard-earned money will also stretch farther here, as Minneapolis is one of America’s most inexpensive cities.

Thanks to its wealth of parks and outdoor activities, Minnesota’s largest city is also one of the healthiest in the country. Furthermore, living in Minneapolis provides you with access to a flourishing live music scene as well as fantastic professional sports teams!

People walking in Saint Anthony Main, Minneapolis.
With great professional opportunities, Minneapolis is a great place for young adults.

Omaha, NE

Looking for a great place to live, work, and play? Omaha could be the right fit for you! Omaha is one of the cheapest cities in the United States to live in, with low living and housing prices. Nevada is considered one of the top US states for entrepreneurs and young adults.

Established corporations such as Mutual of Omaha and Union Pacific provide lots of work possibilities, while new startups continue to develop in one of America’s fastest-growing tech areas. Furthermore, this recession-proof city is one of the greatest areas in the country to raise a family if you’re wanting to settle down.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is one of the most popular US cities among young adults to start their careers. SLC is one of America’s top destinations for new graduates, and it’s one of the greatest areas in the country to start a career, owing to big employers like Energy Solutions, Sinclair Oil Corporation, and the burgeoning tech businesses inside Silicon Slopes. There are plenty of entertaining things to do in Salt Lake City while you’re not working!

It’s one of the top U.S. cities for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty of possibilities to ski, hike, cycle, jog, and more. It’s also one of the country’s healthiest cities. Living in Salt Lake City also means being close to the world-famous Sundance Film Festival and being able to visit the Great Salt Lake, the city’s namesake.

Skyline of Seattle
Emerald City is rapidly expanding which attracts many young adults!

Seattle, WA

Seattle continues to expand at a rapid pace year after year. It’s known as one of the greatest locations for young people to live and work. It’s mostly because of its low unemployment rate and the presence of big titans. Outdoor activities abound in the Emerald City, including kayaking at Discovery Park and trekking up picturesque Mount Rainier. When moving to Seattle, make sure to ask your friends to help you move!

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh might be one of your top possibilities if you’re a young professional looking for a job! It’s one of the finest places to work in the United States, with many big businesses! Moreover, PNC Financial Services, PPG Industries, and Alcoa offer jobs in Pittsburgh. Steel City’s cost of living, as well as its property prices and rent, are substantially below the national average. In addition, if you wish to continue your education, Pittsburgh has several possibilities!

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