Moving from the US to Kuwait with a large family

Moving to a foreign country is never a simple process. This major life change becomes even harder if you have a large family that must move with you. Naturally, moving from the US to Kuwait is no walk in the park. There are many challenges and cultural differences that make this move more difficult. Thus, it is safe to say that you will have a lot on your mind when preparing for this move. You can expect to have many ups and downs during this relocation. Of course, your goal is to have the least possible downs. The best part about your upcoming move is that you can do things to prepare yourself and your family. Every preparation will make the relocation much easier and less stressful.

Tips that will help you when moving from the US to Kuwait with your partner and kids  

When planning any move, small or big, preparing is key. So, when moving overseas it is even more important to prepare in advance. The unknown causes and builds up anxiety. For that reason, you need to prepare. Great preparation is the best prevention for moving stress. Here are a few things that can drastically better your move.

Talk to your family as soon as possible

Moving from the US to Kuwait will inevitably be a shock for your entire family. The biggest problem you will have with family members that are not too eager to move. One of the hardest things when preparing for this move is telling your family that you will be uprooting their entire lives to an unknown foreign country.

First, before you do anything else, you must speak to your spouse or partner. Even if it is the best time to move, your partner might need some time to swallow this change. It is key for you two to be on the same page. If your kids sense the slightest imbalance between the parents, things might go sideways quick. Your next stop is calling a family meeting and telling your children. Be prepared for all kinds of reactions. Be gentle when delivering the news and don’t try to jam it down their throat. This type of reaction can only be counterproductive.

A family of three, where mom is holding a little boy and dad is standing next to them.
If your family is opposed to you moving, you will have a big problem on your hands.

Learn as much as you can about Kuwait together as a family

When moving from the US to Kuwait experiencing a culture shock is for the most part unavoidable. Still, the more you know the less of a shock you will experience. Depending on your family’s reaction to the upcoming relocation, wait for a little while and let some time pass by. What you are looking for is for the dust to settle. If emotions are all over the place this might not go in the direction that you were aiming for. So, once things are calmer start by showing your family pictures. The internet is flooded with beautiful pictures of Kuwait. It truly is a beautiful country that carries many adventures. Sell your family on the great things they can expect once you make the relocation. Give them something to look forward to.

Find a new home for your family in Kuwait

You will have many moving tasks in front of you when moving from the US to Kuwait. You will have to pack for your relocation, hire professional movers and many other important relocation tasks. However, none of them are as important until you find your new place to call your own in Kuwait. Since there are strict laws in Kuwait that prohibit you from purchasing real estate as an expat, renting will be your next best option. Still, you shouldn’t worry because there are many great places for rent. All you need to do is choose the best option for you and your family based on your needs. Include your family in the choosing process. This way they will all feel like they are a part of your team.

home written in white big letters with a big white heart decoration next to it
Once you have found a perfect home for your family, it will be time to look for educational institutions for your kids.

There are many expat communities that you can connect with

If you have an opportunity, it would be great to get in touch with other expats in Kuwait even before you move. This way you will get valuable support and priceless advice. Once you arrive in Kuwait with your family this will be a must. It is a great way to make friends with people that already went through what you are currently going through. Expats in Kuwait are very happy to help newcomers. They can give advice on shopping, cultural differences, school choosing for your kids and many other things that you will not know on your own once you arrive at your new home. Additional info on moving here is exactly what you need to get over your fear of the new and the unfamiliar.

Hire professional help for your Kuwait relocation

While organizing this move you will have many plates spinning at once. Just a little unbalance will be enough to make you drop everything that you were focusing on. That is why this is a perfect situation to ask for help. Hiring professional movers to help you pack and ship your things to Kuwait is exactly the landed hand you need. Instead of packing random things for your move and shipping them you will be able to focus on your family. Your partner and kids should be prioritized over everything else. Focus the most possible attention on them. Professional movers will free up valuable time on your calendar, so you can pay attention to things that matter the most to you. If looking for reliable movers visit

A couple laughing and hugging in the sun.
During your relocation process do your best not to neglect your partner. The stronger your bond is the better you will handle your international move.

The challenge can be well worth it

With certainty moving from the US to Kuwait will be a challenge for your entire family. Yet, the entire experience will be very rewarding as well. Once the adjustment period is over and the culture shock has passed, you will remember this move only by the positive things you got out of it. This move will be an adventure and a culturally enriching experience for your entire family.

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