Moving into a duplex in SoHo

SoHo is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, NYC with many art galleries and trendy shops. Living there is not cheap and it is not a secret. Housing is one of the biggest cos and problem in Manhattan, including SoHo too, and this is why people need to be “creative” when it comes to renting and overall costs of living. Moving into a duplex in SoHo is one of the options you will have by living here. What is it, what are the benefits of it, what you should know before you move into a home like this?

What to know when moving into a duplex in SoHo?

Moving to a new apartment in NYC may be very stressful and expensive. It is something that people usually expect when they move to New York, small apartments with a higher price and moving a lot. It is not a lie, but, you should consider all the options you have – and one of these options is moving into a duplex in SoHo. You may hear about single apartments, multi-family complexes, houses, but what is a duplex? They are becoming more and more popular.

Homes in Soho.
Visit SoHo before you move there and explore this vibrant neighborhood

Simply said, a duplex is a two-family home and it is not a twin home. It has two units (two separate entrances) in a single building. Usually, both sides have the same square footage and a wall is separating you from your neighbor, in NYC this counts as a two-level apartment. Sometimes, living in a duplex in SoHo may include sharing a kitchen or a living space, but it depends on a building. Get to know your new neighborhood in this case, SoHo, and explore its real estate market.


Why should you consider living in a duplex and what are the pros? Duplexes are becoming more and more popular, especially in NYC, and here is why:

  • Living in SoHo is expensive, and this is a little bit more affordable option. It is definitely cheaper than a traditional apartment. SoHo is one of the perfect places for artists, but until you start making money from it, look for cheaper options and let professionals take care of the expensive art.
  • You will share costs with your neighbor when it comes to maintenance. When renovating a room you are using together, you will split the costs, which is more affordable.
  • When moving to a duplex in SoHo, you may feel much more like a home because they offer a home-like feel which is not the case with traditional apartments.
  • Duplexes are generally more spacious, in most cases. It is not a secret that apartments in Manhattan are usually small, but when choosing a duplex, you may get more square footage.

You will share space with neighbors

One of the cons of living in a duplex is that you will share space with your neighbor. You must learn how to live with that and how to adjust, especially if you have never lived in a duplex before. Things that you will share with someone else are walls (at least one wall), front and backyards, and entrance. You won’t have 100% of your rented space to yourself so you need to be ready for some compromises after moving. If you will share a living room or a kitchen, for example, you cannot be free to do what you want and to decorate it however you want it.

Calculating the costs of moving into a duplex in SoHo.
Living in the duplex has cons too, but at least it is a more affordable option

Your responsibilities

Of course, first, you need to organize a move to your duplex in SoHo and find help you can trust and rely on. Check the home before you move to it and see how many items can you move. When moving to a duplex, your responsibilities will be different from those of a single-family home renter or apartment.

  • Space in the house that you share with your neighbor you need to maintain together. If you live with your landlord, have a conversation, and work things out – make a deal how it will work.
  • When there is some bigger repair, with electricity or plumbing, for example, you should split the costs.
  • Winters in NYC are cold and snowy, clean the snow and the ice in front of your house. It can be very dangerous if you forget to do it.

Transporting your items to a duplex in SoHo

After finding a duplex in SoHo for you, it is time to move and to organize transportation to your new home. What items to pack and move depends on the size of your home. Usually, homes here are smaller, so you won’t be able to move all your items, probably. Anyway, there will be items that need to be transported and to do it with ease, you should hire a professional moving company. You should hire a local mover because they already know this area, and the company to consider is Zenith Moving Manhattan.

House keys.
Move into your new home in SoHo and transport all your items with ease

Start packing on time, and organize your belongings. Items you don’t want to move to SoHo, you can sell or donate. This way, you may save money on moving to NYC. Pack for your upcoming relocation to SoHo, and decorate your new place. If it is your first time living in a duplex, you will need some time to adjust.


If you have never been living in NYC before, this will be a big change for you. In Soho, there is always something happening, it never sleeps and there are many artists. After moving into a duplex in SoHo, explore The City. It is one of the most popular places in the world and there is no space for boredom. Good luck with your upcoming relocation and moving to a new place!

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