Moving tips for people at higher risk for severe illness

Moving is a stressful experience that is very problematic for many people. It requires planning, organization, dealing with problems, and unknowns. Many people avoid moving to protect themselves from the stress of it. But other than the logistical aspect of it, the move can have considerable effects on your health. This is why people with the risk of severe illnesses have to take special care when preparing for the move and its execution. This includes special care to avoid and decrease the risk of illness. So, there are many moving tips for people at higher risk for severe illness, so let’s make a short overview.


For people with chronic illnesses or a high risk of contracting one, the move can be a nightmare. It can expose them to a lot of irritants and other factors that can cause them to get sick and have health problems. Many experience health issues while moving but to prevent them from happening it important to list the common issues, their cause, and prevention. In short, when moving we tend to:

  • Be exposed to new microbes,
  • Have allergies,
  • Get injured
  • Sick building syndrome
Woman wearing a face mask, which is one of the moving tips for people at higher risk for severe illness.
If you protect yourself you can handle the move


During and after the move we get exposed to new environmental factors that can influence our health. We get exposed to new microbes, new air, places, and people that were not part of our environment to that point. Our body must have time to adjust to the new environment and until that happens we will catch a cold or have some other hand issues.

The best thing we can do to prevent that is to take vitamins and be vaccinated on time, take fluids, and have a healthy diet. This advice is especially valuable to people with a high risk of illnesses and is also important to anyone else.


If you are susceptible to allergies the move can be problematic and cause a lot of discomfort and irritations caused by allergies. This happens because we tend to stir up dust and other irritants while we prepare, pack, and move. This is almost unavoidable but can be minimized by vacuuming, dusting, cleaning and even changing dust filters prior to the packing process. This will minimize the number of particles in the environment that can cause us irritation.

Injured hand
While moving you can be exposed to injuries


Paper cuts and other small injuries are inevitable when moving. Carrying cardboard boxes and heavy furniture must lead to small cuts, bruises, and bleeds. These are not much but can present the door for bacteria. Everyone should take special precautions, care and have protection in order to avoid this. This is especially true for people that already have health issues or risks.

Sick building syndrome

Syndrome points to other aspects and factors of your new home that can cause you sickness. This can especially be dangerous for people with a high risk of illness. The syndrome points to the poorly maintained homes that we tend to move into. The presence of chemicals, mold, asbestos, and other dangerous materials can cause sickness in healthy, sick, and fragile. This is why it is important to do a proper inspection before buying or leasing a property.

Heart beat graphic
Make sure you check your health during the move and stay safe

So there are a lot of moving factors that can trigger health issues when we move. No one is protected from them and people with a high risk of illness or chronic illnesses are particularly vulnerable to their effect. These can’t be avoided completely but they can be prevented with special care, protection, and proper allying of the moving tips for people at high risk for severe illness.

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