Moving to a new home with a pet bird

Birds also feel stress, motion sickness, and they can be sad about moving. But there are some tips on moving to a new home with a pet bird you can use. Use them and you will have easier and less stressful relocation. Plus, your pet friend will be happy at the end of the process. Prepare your bird for moving to the new home and plan everything, regardless if you’re moving near or long distance.

Prepare for moving to a new home with a pet bird 

If you’re moving to a new home with a pet bird, you must ensure their safety and successful relocation. So, before you learn how to pack for your upcoming relocation, you must do some things. You must see if there are any restrictions or specific requirements concerning different bird species in your new area. Also, you must get all the relevant paperwork ready. 

Ara Parrot - Moving to a new home with a pet bird
Prepare for moving to a new home with a pet bird in advance.
  • Visit the vet. A veterinarian should do an overall check before the move. So, talk with the vet and find out the best ways to keep your bird safe and healthy when moving. Obtain a health certificate and any other paperwork that your bird may need at the airport. Also, you may need those papers to prove ownership in your new state.
  • Prepare the right carrier. If you’re moving your bird in its cage, take some safety precautions during transport. If you’re relocating by airplane, you’ll need an appropriate hard plastic kennel cab. So, find carriers that are designed to prevent risks during a flight and turbulence. The container should have enough space to allow the bird to move inside and feel comfortable.

Also, remember to transport every bird in a separate container with good air circulation. 

Long-distance moving to a new home with a pet bird 

When moving long-distance, you have to leave more time to plan and organize everything. Decide how to transport your bird: 

  • Plane.
  • Car.
  • Train sometimes.

Before deciding on the means of transport, check how your bird reacts. Also, hire movers so you have all the help you can get and move stress-free. You can even save money while hiring reputable movers in the US, so hire them.

Also, you should get some new bird toys for a long ride. It will make a trip more fun for them. 

Moving by car with birds

The safest option when moving to a new home with a pet bird is traveling by car. Birds usually love car rides. So, it won’t be a stressful or unpleasant experience for them. But, put a carrier in the back seat. Also, buckle the seat belt around the cage. It will prevent moving around or accidentally fall. Then, set the right temperature because birds are very sensitive to temperature variations. Also, keep in mind that your bird will pick up your state of mind. So, try to be relaxed. Use some moving tips to help keep you sane and avoid moving mistakes. When the process goes according to plan, you’ll be calm.

Bird Canario Car
The best way to move bird pet t the new home is by car.

Traveling by plane

Check the conditions of travel with your airline before you move with birds. Some airlines allow a pet in the cabin. But, only if you can fit their carrier under the seat. However, other companies accept a bird, but with the checked baggage.

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