Moving to another state from Mississippi on a budget

Moving is stressful and it requires a lot of planning and organization to prevent problems and avoid sleepless nights. It requires preparation and time. If you are moving interstate on a budget it can be even more complicated and stressful. So how to go about it, how to do it? Here is some advice on moving on a budget from Mississippi to another state.

Although interstate moving is more expensive than a local move it can be done with considerable savings through strict control of the expenses. In interstate moving, the price is determined by three factors:

  • Weight of the items to be moved.
  • Moving distance
  • Additional services
Pallets on the back of a truck
Moving is a complicated process

By controlling thee three factors you can manage your move within budget and without breaking the bank.

Keep moving cost down –be within budget

As with any move strict planning, organization and implementation are crucial for moving from Mississippi to NY for example in a rational, cost-effective way. You should always have a cash reserve for unexpected circumstances but in general, here are the aspects that can help you move on a budget.

Always hire professionals

Moving by yourself is always an option but it is not recommended for long-distance, interstate moves. These options can save you money but can be riskier than hiring professionals. So, you should always hire professional help for long-distance moves. Be sure to gather more than one estimate to keep the cost down. Also, do your research on the moving companies. Be sure to analyze and compare the services they offer, research their reputation, reviews and inquire about their experience, licenses, and insurance. Hiring a reputable moving company like will also give you the opportunity to use other services they can provide. They can include professional packing, storage unites, specialized transports and insurance and much more.

Plan and organize packing

Pile of cardboard boxes on the floor
Packing is important when interstate moving from Mississippi

Make a packing strategy. Starting the packing process in time can help you be rational and cut the cost of both packing and moving. During the packing process, you have the opportunity to decide on the things you don’t need to move. Some of your belongings you can easily replace after settling down in NY and some of them you don’t even need or use so you can get rid of them. Getting rid of your surplus will help you keep the weight and moving cost down and also make it easier to pack.

Once you decide on what you are moving you can enlist the help of friends and family and do your own packing. Packing services are professionally available but they can be very expensive. To keep the cost down and within budget, you can use them form ore fragile, expensive or bulky items that require better protection

Alternative moving services

If you are trying to move on a budget its important to know that you have a lot of moving options available. You can always move by yourself by renting a truck or a shipping container. But some other alternatives can be affordable and budget-friendly as well as helpful in relieving stress.

Many professional movers now offer alternative services. One of the options is to so-called backloading. Backloading means that one larger moving truck is used by multiple users. One trailer is split among the users to accommodate the move of multiple customers at the same time. In these cases, the transport expenses are split equally between multiple customers.

Three moving trucks with moving telephone number on them
Hire professionals and try alternative moving options and services

The other option is used for moving bulky, valuable and fragile items. In this case, the truck transports only one or a few bulky and fragile items that demand special care. Clients themselves transport all of the other belongings. These alternative options keep the cost down while offering better security and protection of valuable and fragile items at the same time.

When moving on the budget, you have to be creative and find all possible alternatives and options that can save you money. Doing online research and finding guides and advice is always a good first step. There is no definite and complete list of advice so thinking out of the box and being creative is the next important step. So, be creative when you are moving on a budget.

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