Moving to Cibolo 101

Thinking about moving to Cibolo? If you aren’t sure what you can expect to come with this move you’ve come to the right place. This suburb of San Antonio seems to draw more and more people every year. Even the residents of the biggest small town in Texas are relocating to this specific place. And you can’t help but wonder what’s exactly going on here. And that’s what we want to find out. Take this article as an insight into what lays ahead of you after relocating to Cibolo. This comes from the people that actually live here, but don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about touristy stuff either.

Basic facts about Cibolo

Before we start talking about the actual act of moving to Cibolo, we wanted to give some attention to the town itself. So, as you already know, it’s a city in Guadalupe County, Texas and it has an estimated population of 30,000. What’s interesting about it is that even before European settlers arrived, some Native American tribes lived here. In fact, the name of the city, Cibolo, means buffalo in their language. Therefore, this is a town that has one of the longest traditions in the whole of the USA. If that’s not a thing to brag with we don’t know what is.

When it comes to the feel of the town, it is best described as rural. And that is amazing since the downtown San Antonio is just a half-hour drive away. Most residents here own their homes so you’d probably want to look into buying rather than renting. The median home price in Cibolo is around $220,000 and the median earnings are around $88,000. So, it might not be a bad idea to look into those ways to save money on packing materials.

There are lots of parks that can be used for any kind of recreation, and the schools here are amazing also. This all makes Cibolo a great place for raising your family or simply improving yourself if you’re a young professional. All around, this is one of the best places to live in Texas.

House in Cibolo.
What you’ll discover after moving to Cibolo is that the houses are expensive, but it’s worth it.

The cost of living

Relatively speaking, the cost of living in Cibolo is similar to the Texas average. However, our professionals from Evolution Moving Company NB tell us that the ways in which you’ll spend your money aren’t. It seems that the popularity of the town resulted in rising home prices in the area. So, it will cost you more to buy a house here. However, utilities and groceries are cheaper than in the rest of the state. Therefore, everything balances out at the end and you shouldn’t be spending any more money than you’re spending right now after the relocation.

Moving to Cibolo = No income tax

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Texas is known to be one of the few states that don’t have a state income tax. What this means for you is that you’ll have a little bit more money in your pockets than usual. However, don’t get too excited. State and city still have to find a way to fund their projects, so this means a slightly higher business and property tax. What you can do to combat this is downsizing your house. It worked for many, maybe it will for you too.

The weather

What seems to be the biggest concern for many people when moving to Cibolo is the weather. And since the city is in the south of Texas, yes it’s hot.

Here, high temperatures are perfectly normal, and during the summer months, they typically reach 90 to 100 degrees. This can seem like a problem, but honestly, you just get used to it. If you’re moving in summer you’ll be amazed when you see how easily professionals handle your move in this area at such heat. However, later you’ll catch yourself doing the same thing perfectly normally.¬†

The good news is that the winters are very mild. So you’ll be able to cruise around in a light jacket while your friends up north will be wrapped up in every piece of clothing they have.

Empty road and the sun above it.
Summers are hot, but winters are incredible for doing any outdoor activity you can think of.

Transportation after moving to Cibolo

As you’re choosing to live this close to San Antonio, all the chances are that you’re going to work in the city. Since the metro area of San Antonio-New Braunfels counts about 2.43 million residents, you can expect it to be a little bit crowded sometimes. This is not because the planning is bad or the area is too small, but people here love to drive. And you really do need a car to get around the city, even if you live in ‘burbs.

Tacos are like a religion here

It’s often said here that you haven’t lived until you had bacon, eggs, and cheese on a taco for breakfast. In pretty much every restaurant you’ll get tortillas instead of a breadbasket. Kids love these things, and you’ll enjoy them too. Trust us. And the tacos aren’t the only traditional Latin American dish that is present. Tamales are also very popular here and you can find them pretty much on every corner.

When it comes to classics of American cuisine they’re also here. But, margaritas here are made strong and so is the barbeque. So you better be prepared for that. To top all that, you’ll have some of the best burgers in your life here. We’re pretty sure that although moving kitchen appliances is tough, you’ll leave them packed just a little longer when you try the food.

Man buying a taco and thinking about moving to Cibolo.
Taco is loved so much here that it even can be bought from the food trucks.

What to do after the move?

There’s so much to do when you get here. Unfortunately, since you’re in the middle of the state there’s no real way to go anywhere drastically different for a weekend without hopping to the nearest airport. However, there are some amazing things to see within your area.

Alamo, Texas’ top tourist attraction is in the heart of San Antonio. There’s a festival called Fiesta¬†that is held throughout the city and lasts 11 days every spring. The Spurs, local NBA team also draws a lot of attention from the residents. So be sure to visit a game after moving to Cibolo.

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