Moving to Falls Church in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you decided to provide a better school system for your kids or you just appreciate a nice urban village atmosphere – you’ve chosen to move to a fine little place hidden in the state of Virginia, called Falls Church, and we’re here to guide you on your way. Moving anywhere can be stressful, to say the least, but moving to Falls Church, with the proper guidance we aim to provide, could be way easier than you expect. Some parts of the experience are even beneficial for your health. Here are some things you need to know.

How to pick a neighborhood?

A real struggle when you’re moving is choosing a fitting neighborhood to place your roots in. They’re all similar but not the same, and you need to set your priorities straight to make the right choice. If you’re a fan of cozy, tucked-in, small communities in the wooden area, then Sleepy Hallow is the right neighborhood for you. It’s charming, up to a hundred years old houses, have up to an acre of green space surrounding them. Sleepy Hallow’s proximity to the Seven corners area makes this part of Falls Church almost as appealing as its ability to get you to Tysons, The Pentagon, or DC in just 15 minutes.

A neighbourhood in Falls Church
The biggest perks of Fall Church neighborhoods are numerous green spaces.

So close, yet private

To be fair, any one of the neighborhoods in Falls Church is perfectly placed and connected with these three entities just by being a part of this urban village, and as such it’s priced based on its desirable location. Pimmit Hills is the area for which you pay for the fact you can walk to Tysons from it. It is also very diverse and most changed from all the areas, and highly desirable as such.

Broyhill Park (more a green space actually) is close to Route 50, as well as The Beltway. It also has access to an actual Holmes Run Park. The similarity of architecture in most of its houses can be appealing to people in love with consistency and permanency. Annalee Heights, as the western part of the city, is a rarity in all the North Virginia. Because of this fact it provides you with many opportunities for one-level living after moving to Falls Church. This area is filled with cape codes under 1000 square ft and teardown opportunities.

Last but not least, the Lake Barcroft area, with its convenient single-family homes on a lake and five private beaches, raised the average house price to 1.3 million dollars in 2021. But hey, the view is amazing!

How does the school system work?

The thing you especially need to pay attention to, in case having kids at school is one of your priorities, is the Fairfax County boundary locator. It can help you determine the area you want to live in, considering sometimes only a few blocks can mean the difference in public schools.

kids in high school
Schools in Falls Church focus on providing the very best studying conditions to achieve the very best results.

There is a total of five public schools in Falls Church:

  • Falls Church High School
  • Stuart High School
  • Meridian High School
  • Marshall High School
  • McLean High School

Virginia’s finest

If you want your kids to get a good education, go and schedule your move right away but not before you ask for a free moving quote at According to the US news, Fairfax County is the very best amongst high school districts. With McLean High School at third and Marshall HS at fifth place, rated by percentage of students that successfully graduated, their grades, and AP scores, Falls Church stands for crème de la crème of formal education in the state of Virginia.

A great number of people move to this charming little city to provide their children with the best public education there is. Kids are our future, and Falls Church knows it very well. It’s worth mentioning, if you choose the Lake Barcroft area, you might want to consider some private school options as well.

How to choose the right movers?

Once you’ve made up your mind about moving, another important choice is ahead – choosing the right movers. Since you’re moving to Falls Church, a place with a little over 14000 residents and 2.2 square miles, it’s evident that you value quality over quantity. To make this entire Falls Church moving experience as good as it can be, it’s best to ask experts to help you settle in.

There are quite a few movers in Falls Church, but it’s important to choose the company with experience and good ratings, that can guarantee you will get what you paid for. But, considering how much of a headache any moving can be in all of its aspects, some parts of it are truly better to be left to the professionals.

What after officially relocating to Falls Church?

Surely, proximity to big cities with great job opportunities and excellent formal education centers draw people to Falls Church at first, but what does make them stay? Arguably, the very best part about this peaceful little place tucked in between three urban giants is its community. In these challenging times, it’s nice to have someone to count on, and by relocating to Falls Church, you will have 14 thousand someones to do so. Besides them, you can also always count on our residential movers to move you safely.

A "Community is strength" sign seen after moving to Falls Church.
The greatest pleasure after moving to Falls Church is getting to know the community.

It might be odd at first that you’ll suddenly know everyone and everyone will know you, but you’ll soon get used to saying ‘Hi’ a zillion times downtown on West Broad Street. The friendly citizens of Falls Church always make sure to have the very best events at Cherry Hil Park and State Theatre, for everyone’s taste and entertainment.

If you’ve been trying for a long time to make a fitness and health enthusiast out of yourself, this is the right place to find your perfect walking buddy. Eden Center will offer you over a hundred Vietnamese restaurants and shops and food to die for.

Your new life begins with a move

However, nothing will ever beat the taste and smell of the brownies your new neighbors will soon bring to your new home. Moving to Falls Church will draw a huge smile to your face, and bring joy and happiness to the beginning of your new life. Happy relocation!

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