Moving to Jersey City during holiday season

Jersey City has become one of the most popular places to move to. Proximity to Manhattan and a redeveloped waterfront area are only some of the reasons for this. Large downtown, gentrification, and great neighborhoods make this place attractive for different types of residents. Young professionals, as well as small families, are interested in making this city their home. And there are plenty of things to do in December in and around Jersey City. But, before that, let’s focus on your relocation. Moving to Jersey City during the holiday season will require some planning.

Planning your relocation

Relocations take time and preparation, so start with planning your move to Jersey City as soon as possible. Work out the schedule, make a checklist of all the tasks that need to be finished, and gather all the supplies. As you might notice, there’s quite a lot to do in order to prepare. And, of course, creating a realistic budget is necessary to have a successful move.

Once you have all the packing supplies ready, you need to pack all of your belongings. Packing material is there to cushion the more fragile items. Duct tape is necessary to keep your things in one place, and having a labeling system is crucial.

A plan.
A good plan is required.

Following a system will make it easier

It might seem that you’re managing to handle your relocation well and that you’re keeping everything in check. But, if you happen to need an item during the process, will you be able to locate it? You can pack the items that you need during the relocation or immediately after in the essentials bag or a box. From phone chargers, documents, a change of sheet, and clothes, these belongings can be right there by your side, if you happen to need them. For all the other items, it’s good to use a system.

Label each box with a number, and have a list of all the items in all of the boxes. Then, you will at least know where you can find your Christmas decorations. Besides this, when packing your belongings, you can also make your unpacking easier. Try to pack all the items that go to one room in one or more boxes. Don’t mix rooms and boxes. That way, you can easily put the unpacked boxes in their rooms after you move in and unpack them after the holidays if you can’t do it immediately.

A person decorating a Christmas tree.
You need to know where your Christmas decorations are.

Making big decisions

The planning process will involve a couple of big decisions. Perhaps the most important one will be whether to hire a moving company or move by yourself. Moving by yourself means that you’re not hiring professional assistance, but that doesn’t mean you can ask your friends or family to help you. On the other hand, professionals can make your move smooth and easy, and moving during the holiday season might help you get a discount. As not a lot of people move during winter, companies have more time and are perhaps ready to offer a discount. Moving companies can even pack your items for you if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. Once your furniture and other belongings are ready to go, you can start worrying about parking places and other logistics.

Traffic and parking

Knowing about the traffic and parking in the city is important, not only for your life there but also for your relocation. Even if you’re not driving the moving van yourself, it’s good to know how things work in Jersey City.

Traffic is not the best, partly due to geography, as the city is on the narrow land between two bodies of water. In order to park downtown, buying a monthly pass is highly required. Unless you have a parking garage, the resident street parking is available for $15 a year. Also, a residence permit is necessary for many areas if you want to park for longer than two hours. To apply for it, you need to go to the Division of Parking. It’s free for seniors over 65. Either way, street signs will let you know if a permit is needed and whether there are other restrictions or limitations. Finally, given the fact that it’s a holiday season, follow @JCPARKING on Twitter. Parking regulations can be changed during holidays, and you do not want to be surprised in the middle of your move.

A bird’s eye view of parked cars.
Find out if there are changes in parking regulations during holidays.

Holiday events in and around Jersey City

The season of snowy days, happiness, and family is almost here. While this year has been different, there are still events in Jersey City that will bring out the smile on your face. Other than holiday lights to see in and around the city, there are more holiday attractions you can enjoy here, after the relocation.

  • The Happy Holiday market is on two locations this year, the Ashford Rooftop and Grove St PATH Plaza, on Dec 12th, 13th, and 19th and 20th. Here you can shop local, small and handmade products.
  • Wreath Decorating Workshop is a great family activity. At the Barrow Mansion, you can learn wreath decoration, with detailed instructions. Bring your mask and come in front of the mansion on December 5th at 2 pm.
  • Bryant Park Winter Village is a true winter wonderland in Manhattan. Enjoy NYC’s ice skating rink for free, the holiday shops, and delicious eats and drinks.
  • Rockefeller Center Christman tree is the main spot to experience the holiday spirit in the area. The Rink, iconic Christmas tree, event, and Radio Music Hall are only some of the attractions you can enjoy here.
  • Luminaries at Brookfield Place are inspired by the holiday season. Hundreds of Lunders among the palms provide colorful lights and can be interacted with by the visitors.

Settling down after moving to Jersey City

Moving to Jersey City during the holiday season is fun, but can also be exhausting. Take some time to settle down, unpack, and relax. And then try to enjoy the holiday spirit. Buy a Christmas tree, put up the decorations, and just feel it. There’s no better season to start a new life, with hope in your eyes and a smile on your face.

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