New Jersey towns small families will love

New Jersey is one of the best states to live in. There are dozens of reasons why. One of them is the fact that there are so many amazing and beautiful towns to choose from. Having options is very important, especially for people with children. This is why we encourage people to move to New Jersey. We know that there are plenty of New Jersey towns for small families to move to. And we are here to tell you more about a couple of them. As there are dozens, this has been a tough choice to make but we gathered all the information you need to know about just some of the cities you could move to if planning on moving to New Jersey with your family. Not one of these cities that we mentioned is a part of the list of the wealthiest towns in NJ. This means that all of them are affordable which is one of the reasons why you should move here.


The first on our list of New Jersey towns that are perfect fr small families would be Millburn. Millburn is a small town located on the eastern side of the state. This means that it is located close to the state of New York. This is a huge plus if planning on having family road trips. You could find yourself in New York in just a couple of hours.

Millburn is a city with a lot of beautiful places to go to.

Millburn is very safe. There are plenty of amazing homes here as well. And the housing isn’t as expensive as one might think it is. Plenty of people who live here are young people and a lot of them are renting their homes. You could do so too until you decide to purchase one. Movin within the town is easy as you are able to find assistance in the neighborhood.

Short Hills

Close by to Millburn you can find Short Hills. This is another amazing town for small families. You can relocate from one town to another easily if you hire help to get you settled in. And this is definitely one of the advantages of living in Short Hills – relocating is very easy.

Another thing people love about living in Short Hills is the fact that you have everything you need here. There are plenty of local shops where you will be able to find all the things you need in order to live nicely with your family. There are plenty of places where you could spend quality time together as well. This is a very important thing to pay attention to when choosing a place to live if you have children.

You and your family will have plenty of things to do here.


The third but not least important would be Hackensack. Hackensack is a town bigger than the previous two towns that we have mentioned but still as charming. There are plenty of retirees living here as well. This is probably because Hackensack is a very safe town to live in. A lot of people start their businesses here as well because it is safe.

There are plenty of parks here which is great for families who love spending their free time outside. It is located along the Hackensack River. This is where you will love going together with your family for family walks if you decide to move to Hackensack.

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