Nicest towns in Tennessee for young families

Tennessee is a true heart of the South but it is also a state with plenty of midwestern warmth. But hospitality and warmth aside, the state is truly breathtaking with many natural beauties to explore and enjoy. It is far away from the ocean but it offers rolling hills, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and great weather to explore and enjoy. This is only a part of the reason why Tennessee is drawing more and more people in. Year by year it is the top destination for many professionals, students, retirees, and families. It offers many vibrant, affordable cities and rich culture, history, and tradition. In addition, Tennessee has a great number of nicest towns that offer a quiet family-friendly atmosphere that many young families flock to exploit. So, what are the nicest towns in Tennessee for young families? Here are a few suggestions.

Why move to Tennessee?

Tennessee has some of the most beautiful landscapes and views. It is a great place for any type of outdoor activities and it has some great weather for it. Walking, biking, hiking, or fishing are just some of the activities that you can enjoy and are great for families. Tennessee is home to some of the best music, food and beer, and coffee scene. It is also full of history and culture. You can pick any city in Tennessee and you will not be disappointed with your choice. Almost anyone can find a perfect place for them in any city or town in Tennessee.

City at night
There are many popular cities that are attracting people but also many smaller towns are perfect for families

This is why the state is gaining popularity. There is a constant influx of people pouring into the state. Long-distance moving is bringing people in and the final destination are many family-friendly towns like Brentwood and Collierville. But if you are moving long distances it is best to find reliable people to assist you with your Tennessee relocation. Long-distance moves are complicated so try to be on the safe side by finding professional help.

Family-friendly towns

The state is drawing in many young families with children. The cause is a number of small towns that are particularly suitable for families. These towns offer almost everything that families may require. Great public schools, affordable living conditions, and the prosperity of towns and their economy and job market are just some of the factors influencing the influx of people. So, let’s list some of the towns that are nicest in Tennessee for young families:

  • Mt. Juliet
  • Franklin
  • Collierville
  • Spring Hill
  • Oak Ridge
  • Brentwood
  • Kingsport
  • Johnson City
  • Hendersonville
  • Bristol

Mt. Juliet

Mt. Juliet is located at a crossroad of an interstate highway. However, its good location is not the primary reason to choose it. It has low taxes and affordable living conditions. It also offers plenty of opportunities for athletic development for children due to its offering of diverse sports opportunities.


Franklin is a job market haven. It is home to many of the major manufacturers in the US. It offers great job opportunities for young professionals. Finally, it also offers a high quality of life and is great for young families moving in.


Colesville is considered to be one of the best towns for families in Tennessee. it is a suburb of Memphis that offers a small-town feel and is very affordable to live in. This town has a great schooling system and its student often goes for higher education. The town is a mixture of new and old and has some of the best antique stores, boutiques, and specialty shops.

Although Tennessee has a lot of great towns for families, Collierville still draws people in. Many move here locally from other towns in Tennessee. This is why local movers here are in demand. Many find that local assistance is a great solution for their short distance move needs.

A waterfall
Many of these towns offer great outdoor activities and have untamed nature.

Spring Hill

The town has an outstanding educational system. Its schools are top-ranked in the state. 

Oak Ridge

The town was developed during WWII as a scientific ground. The scientific development is still strong in the town while it also offers great career opportunities. It is also great for families with its proximity to the Smoky Mountains and the national park.


Brentwood is a suburb of Nashville best known for its education. Its schools are among the highest-ranked. It is also a hub for those who love outdoor activities and has the largest state wilderness park located in the metropolitan area. Americans tend to move to other parts of the world but towns like this are still in high demand.  


The town is considered to be one of the most inclusive and diverse with a strong civic engagement. It is great for outdoor and family-focused activities. A nine-day family festival is at the top of the summer season that has over 100.000 visitors each year. 

Johnson City

The city offers some o the best career opportunities in Tennessee. The pharmaceutical and medical industries here are strong. The and the Johnson City Medical Center offer some of the best jobs that are drawing professionals to the city. It also provides a lot of fun activities like festivals celebrating the culture and history of the town. 


The town is known for its biking and hiking trails. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy other outdoor activities. Skiing, fishing, and boating are just some of them. At the same time, the town is known for its performing arts program. 


Bristol is the birthplace of country music which the town celebrates every year. The town organizes a music festival annually and it attracts thousands of visitors. Bristol is also home f other outdoor amenities suitable for families.

A bridge in one of the nicest towns in Tennessee for young families.
Smaller towns in Tennessee also offer great carrier opportunities and are great for young families

So, Tennessee is the place to be. Its cities and towns offer some of the best opportunities for both career seekers and professionals with families. Retirees are also fond of Tennessee as it offers some of the best outdoor activities, affordable living, and great weather. This is why and other moving companies are in high demand. The influx of people demands a constant supply of moving services.


So, if you are thinking about moving to Tennessee you should consider some of the above-listed family-friendly towns. You can be assured that you will find what you need. Tennessee has the right place for you and you just have to take a closer look. 

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