Places in Canada that Americans are moving to

Canada and the States are first neighbors. This is why there are plenty of people from Canada living in the USA but there are also plenty of Americans living in Canada. Canada is an amazing place to live in. It is very similar to the States when it comes to plenty of things. This why adjusting to living in Canada after living in the US is a very easy thing to do and why such large numbers of Americans are moving to Canada.

There are dozens of Canadian towns to choose from when searching for a new place to call home. This is why picking where to move is not such an easy task. There are plenty of lovely small towns as well as big cities where moving to as an American is one of the best ideas. We wanted to give You a couple of our suggestions when it comes to where you should move to in Canada as an American.

There are plenty of beautiful Canadian towns to choose from 


One of the best places to live in Canada would have to be Hamilton. This is a town with a very good location. It is just a few hours of driving away from downtown Toronto. This is exactly why so many Americans already live in Toronto. A lot of people from the States move to Canada because of a job opportunity. And living in Toronto is might not be something you can afford after moving internationally.

Moving to a suburb of Toronto is the best way to make working in Toronto possible without having to spend most of Your money on housing. And after some time passes, you can always relocate to a different place. Luckily, locals are at your disposal at any time. Especially in these places near Toronto.

red-brick house
Hamilton offers amazing housing options.


The second most common moving destination for Americans moving to Canada is surely Brampton. This is a place located even closer to Toronto which is what attracts a lot of Americans here. But have in mind that living in Brampton is a lot more expensive than living in Hamilton is. Brampton is located just on the ends of the city of Toronto making it a suburb of Toronto.

There are a couple of other suburbs near Toronto where Americans are moving to but Brampton is the most commonplace. But even if You decide to relocate to another one of a couple of suburban places around Toronto, You can easily find assistance nearby to help you with relocation.


This place in Canada where Americans are moving to usually is surely Airdrie. This is an amazing small town near Calgary, Alberta. It has everything You need and so much more. It is a popular Canadian moving destination for a lot of retirees as it is very quiet and safe. Living with a family here is not a bad idea as well. But these are just some of the places where we think Americans are moving to when moving to Canada, there are a lot more of them.

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