Practical tips for moving an elderly loved one during a pandemic

In normal conditions, moving can get quite overwhelming. And moving elderlies is always a more delicate process. The reason is that you can’t expect elderlies to do some things themselves. And usually, there are some special circumstances involved, like downsizing to an apartment. But, moving an elderly loved one during a pandemic can be a real pain, if you don’t know how to do it. Luckily, you can find here practical tips that will make this process smooth and easy.

What to do when moving an elderly loved one during a pandemic

The first thing that you should realize, is that in order to move the elderly during a pandemic, you will have to really be there for them. You’ll have to ensure their safety, to minimize the contact with other people, and to organize the whole process. But, also you’ll have to make sure to get everything packed and ready in no time. So, as you see, your elderly loved ones are going to require a lot of help.

An elderly couple, walking in nature.
Keep your elderly loved one busy and safe

Communicate with the elderly

Don’t forget to talk to your elderly loved one and to explain them the process. Say that you’re doing everything in their best interest and to protect them. You should mention that, for their own safety, they should be excluded from any communication with people who will help you with this moving process. This will allow them to prepare for what’s coming, without causing them any distress.

Think about hiring moving professionals

There’s going to be a lot of tasks when moving an elderly loved one during a pandemic. That’s why you should think about hiring a reliable moving company. Professionals like Homegrown Moving Colorado will make sure your move is as safe as possible, for you, them, and the elderly. And one of the main reasons why you should hire a good company to help you is because the help you can get from your friends and family is restricted during these times.

It’s very important to limit the exposure when moving an elderly

Before coronavirus, you could invite your family members and friends to help you with the move. Now, this is not the case, as you have to limit the exposure to other people as much as possible. So, if you already have to interact with people, it’s better to do so with Colorado professionals trained for such moves as they’re both efficient and care about safety.

Prepare the house yourself

In order to protect the people helping you with your move, you should thoroughly clean the whole house before the move. Actually, pre-move cleaning tips have never been more important, than now, during the pandemic.

  • wipe down all the surfaces with alcohol or other disinfectants
  • don’t forget to leave the doors, as well as closet open, so people helping you don’t have to touch the handles
  • think about packing all of the things yourself when moving an elderly during a pandemic

Consider packing the possessions yourself

When moving elderlies during a pandemic, you should consider doing all the packing yourself. Of course, if your elderly loved ones want to pack some small items themselves, that’s alright. But, when it comes to other items, it’s desirable that they don’t get in touch with a lot of people, even if they have masks or gloves.

Avoid any close contact

Instead of handshakes, you can always smile and wave. There are ways to be polite and protect yourself. Other than wearing masks and gloves, you should limit the number of people inside once the movers arrive. Also, make sure that everyone keeps the necessary distance, if possible. And make sure that your movers can easily wash their hands if they need to. Also, it won’t be bad if you have some hand sanitizers to give them, even if they’re already equipped. Finally, if you want to tip them, ask if you can do it via a credit card.

Face mask and gloves.
Proper equipment is required

Protect yourself

If you’re the one moving an elderly during coronavirus pandemic, it’very important to protect yourself first. This means that you should get new boxes, clean all the surfaces you come in contact and keep your mask and gloves on. If you’re renting a moving truck, don’t forget to wipe down all the handles, seat belt, wheel, keys, and basically anything else someone might’ve touched.

Avoid paperwork, if possible

When hiring a moving company, there’s some paperwork involved. But, during a pandemic, you should do all of the paperwork virtually, if that’s an option. Why touch the documents and pens, and meet with people, if you don’t have to do it. Think about your elderly loved ones, and how important it is to protect them during these times.

Contract signing.
If you can, you should definitely avoid the paperwork

Prepare for a different unpacking process

Before the pandemic, it was normal that a moving company unpack your belongings for you. Nowadays, this is different for some people. Some people choose to unpack the boxes themselves but don’t forget to wipe down the top before cutting it open. But, other people go even further and choose to actually quarantine their shipments. Moving companies deliver the boxes into a garage or some other room, and the people unpack them themselves, after letting the boxes sit for a couple of days.

Contact your moving company and get some answers

If you have any doubts regarding the moving process during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can always call your moving company and get the answers you need. Ask if and how the procedure has changed. See if you can do something to make the process even safer. Also, you should definitely let them know if you’re experiencing any of the coronavirus symptoms.

Take care

It’s important to be careful when moving your elderly loved one during a pandemic. It means that you should do everything to protect yourself, your elderly, and any people that help you with your move. It might seem like a lot of work, but better safe than sorry, right?

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