Realtor’s guide to Littleton, CO

If you are going to move this year, you will not make a mistake if you choose Colorado. Colorado has one of the strongest economies in America, thanks to the many entrepreneurs who decide to start businesses there. The people love sports and lead a healthy lifestyle which is easy since they have so many outdoor activities. But where in Colorado should you relocate? We at The USA Moving believe that Littleton is a great choice. That is why we have a realtor’s guide to Littleton to help convince you. Let’s see why you should come to live in Littleton. 

General facts about Littleton 

Before we continue, you have to know that Littleton is a home rule municipality. Therefore under Colorado law, they can govern themselves. Littleton’s government can decide if the place is a town or city. It stands as a county seat of Arapahoe County. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Littleton is about 45,000 people. Littleton’s history goes back to 1859 and the “Pikes Peak” gold rush, which led immigrants to Littleton and Denver. If you want to learn more about Littleton and its people, relocate here, with our packing services the move will be quick. 

Realtor’s guide to Littleton – the cost of living 

Let’s first talk about the cost of living in Littleton. The price of living in Littleton is 30- percent higher than the average of the United States. It is more expensive to live in Littleton than in Denver by 10% percent. The significant reasons for the higher price of living are the housing market and transportation. The other living expenses are average or below average.

The most affordable thing in Littleton compared to the American is health, which is almost 6-percent less expensive. But you can still afford to live in Littleton because of the high average income. The average income of a single person in Littleton is around 36,000-dollars, which is 8000-dollars compared to the American standard. So if you want to earn more, relocate here and for that job specialists are the best assistance, local Littleton movers. They know the area well and will move you into your new place in Littleton hassle-free. 

The housing market of Littleton, Colorado 

Since you are looking to move to Littleton, you can buy or rent a place here. Let’s see how is the housing situation in Littleton. 

The housing market in Littleton is in a great spot. Home appreciation has risen by 17 percent. A high home appreciation means that if you buy a home, it will be worth more, and if you are renting, you can have higher rents. The quality of real estate in Littleton is ample because most properties are, on average, 40 years old. Let’s see your options if you are renting or buying. 

  • Let’s talk first about buying a home in Littleton. The average home cost in Littleton is 627,000-dollars, which is above average for the state. The average home cost in Colorado is around 480,000-dollars. In addition, to the high price, it is not a buyer’s market right now in Littleton. Less than 1-percent of housing is open for sale in Littleton. Our realtor’s guide to Littleton recommends renting until more options are available. 
  • Let’s talk about renting in Littleton. The cost of renting in Littleton is about the same as in Denver. But it is more expensive compared to the average of Colorado. As we said in the previous paragraph, it is better to rent because there are more vacancies.
a person holding 100-dollar bills
Our guide to Littleton recommends you rent if you can not afford to buy a property.


But if you want to buy a home, you can always do so, and Homegrown Moving Company will help you relocate. Their experts will handle your items with care and ensure that everything arrives in one piece in your new place in Littleton. 

Realtor’s guide to Littleton – education 

The third thing to talk about in our guide is the education in Littleton. On average, per student, Littleton schools spend around 10,000-dollars, which is lower than the national average of 12,383-dollars. 

The city has 46 public schools and 15 private schools, which means 61 schools altogether. Two districts serve the Littleton public school system Littleton Public Schools and Jeffco Public Schools. 

a person writing on a blackboard,
There are enough privates and public schools for your kids to get a proper education in Littleton.

There are two high education facilities, Arapahoe Community College and Denver Seminary. 

About 95% of people 25 and up are high school graduates. And 50% of people 25 and up have at least a bachelor’s degree in Littleton. 

Economy of Littleton 

Littleton’s economy is going up. The job market has experienced an almost three percent growth. But the unemployment rate is still a little bit above average compared to America. However, the job growth is over 40-percent. A higher job growth rate means that there will be more jobs in the future. Therefore if you become a Littleton resident, you will not have to struggle to find a job. And when you decide to relocate to Littleton, make sure to get rid of some things to save money on the relocation. 

There are jobs in many fields in Littleton. The most popular sectors are manufacturing, retail trade, health care, social services, finance. But if you can not find your dream job in Littleton, you will not have to worry. Denver is only 11-miles away, a 20-minute drive, and there are plenty of job offers there. 

Transportation in Littleton 

If you were to move to Littleton, we suggest buying a car to get around. About 75% of people in Littleton get where they need to be by driving a car. The rest of the people either carpool or use public transportation. And only about two percent of people walk or ride a bike to get around in Littleton. But the average commute time is lower than the national average at 25-minutes. 

a blue car, read our guide to Littleton,
Transportation would be more comfortable in Littleton if you owned a car.

Conclusion to the realtor’s guide to Littleton, CO

We hope that our realtor’s guide to Littleton, CO helps you decide if you want to move here. Good Luck! 



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