Reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale after retirement

There are a few states that are considered favorites among the retirees in America. However, none of them comes even close to the popularity Florida has. It’s a mecca for seniors that are searching for rest, relaxation, and sandy beaches. And if we’re honest, this is a crown that is well earned. Now, if you’re thinking about moving to Florida to retire, there’s only one place you need to consider. And that’s exactly why we prepared this article consisting of just some of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale after retirement.

More about Fort Lauderdale

Before you start thinking about packing for a move, we want to introduce you to Fort Lauderdale. And there’s no better way to start explaining what kind of a place this is than to tell you its’ nickname – Venice of America. This charming Broward County city is known for the extensive network of waterfront canals, beautiful sandy beaches, and world-known Las Olas Boulevard. In it, you can find many upscale shops, elegant restaurants, and art galleries.

It has a population of just shy under 200,000. Therefore, it’s not exactly a small town. The weather is amazing, as you can expect. On average, there are 246 sunny days each year. So, if you’re looking for a place to spend an active retirement look no further. The city’s even recognized by both Lend EDU as a ‘Best Place to Retire’, and by TripAdvisor as a ‘Best Beach in Florida’. Trust us, this is not without a reason.

People walking on the beach.
Beautiful sandy beaches and bustling community. What more could you ask for?

Top-rated healthcare and hospitals

If you’re a senior, healthcare is probably very important to you. And that’s only natural. Luckily, the city of Fort Lauderdale also knows that so the greater city area is home to several top-rated hospitals. These include Cleveland Clinic Florida, Holy Cross Hospital, and Memorial Regional Hospital. All of these are highly respected institutions, and some of them are even among the best in State.

All the beaches, seawater, and warm temperatures will also benefit your health conditions. Some researches have shown that retirees that move here have much lower stress levels than they had before the relocation. This can only have good effects on your neurological system.

It’s important to note that pretty much everything here is subordinated towards retirees. No one expects that you do any heavy lifting or difficult tasks, even on a moving day. There’s plenty of local moving companies that would love to do all the work to help you settle in your new home. It was never easier to achieve that life-long dream and live on the ocean shore.

No state income tax

One thing that almost everyone that moves to Florida appreciates, is not having to pay a state income tax. You see, the state earns annual revenues from millions of tourists that visit it every year through its’ 7% sales tax and 5% tourist tax. Therefore, every tourist that comes here pays a small share of Floridians’ state taxes.

However, to get to this level you’ll have to verify the Sunshine State as your permanent residence. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get rid of your old home. But, you’ll have to prove that you live in Florida for at least six months and a day above each year. Keep all of your receipts, pay with a card wherever it’s possible and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Moving here simply means that you’ll have more money draining directly into your pocket. And that certainly helps to do some of the things you can do to make your Florida relocation simpler. It’s a win for everyone, no question about it.

Calculator laying on to of dollar bills.
Not having to pay state income tax certainly is one of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale after retirement.

The real estate market is very good

There are a few ways you can go when it comes to choosing a place to live. You can go for a retirement community as there are quite a few of them here. However, this seems to be a less popular option. Our friends from Miami Movers for Less tell us that most of the retirees moving here are also buying homes in the city. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Investing in real estate is a great example of the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale after retirement.

Currently, the real estate market here is balanced. However, it gravitates towards the buyers’ market a little bit. During the last year, the home value index has risen by 4.9 percent. But, it is predicted that in the next year this number is going to be closer to 6.7%. Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying a residence here, now is the time to do it.

It’s the outdoor activity playground all year-round

Hopefully, you won’t spend too much time thinking about how to arrange your furniture after the move since there’s a lot of outdoorsy things to do here. We already mentioned the beautiful weather this city offers to its residents. And thanks to it, Fort Lauderdale is a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

We definitely recommend you to try kayaking through local canals. It’s a unique experience and a special way to explore the city. If the land is your preferred choice of terrain, you may enjoy a round of golf or explore some of the many recreational parks and nature trails.

People on sailboats talking about the reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale after retirement.
Sunset, sailboats, and the sea – it’s the Florida dream.


Now, you understand why the Venice of America is such a good place to spend your retirement years at. It offers something for everyone and you can feel completely safe in it. Add to that the availability of all kinds of services and companies that recognize seniors as their primary customers and you’ve got a perfect city for any retiree. It seems that all that is left to do is to schedule quick and safe delivery of your belongings and choose a house to move to.

That about concludes our article about reasons to move to Fort Lauderdale after retirement. We hope that you learned something new and we’re sure that you’ll make the right decision and become a resident of this amazing place very soon.

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