Seattle neighborhoods architects will enjoy

When you’re an architect, living just anywhere won’t do. The greatest artists look for inspiration in their everyday life and surroundings. Therefore, it’s important that your environment is visually stimulating in order to inspire and nurture your future ideas and projects.

Diversity of architectural styles

The Emerald city is crawling with majestic designs and architectural achievements. The Smith Tower, Colombia Center, Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, Bullitt Center…are only a few specific representatives in diverse architectural styles this city offers. But, when it comes to residential moving, there are few common architectural styles that you’ll see around the city:

  • Victorian

Specific architectural design features plainly or colorfully painted brick, with ornate gables, steeply pitched roofs, and church-like rooftop finials. The style has a particular design mostly popular during the era around the reign of Queen Victoria, in the late 19 and early 20 century. It consists out of many overlapping similar styles commonly called “Victorian”.

  • Tudor

This design was popular in Seattle neighborhoods during the 1930s.

Tudor style architecture house
Tudor style – Features of these houses are octagonal or round turrets, steeply pitched roofs, side gables, and decorative half-timbering on the exterior
  • Mid-century modern

The characteristics of this style are flat planes with an accent on rigorous geometrical lines, sliding doors, and large glass surfaces that allow a lot of light. Probably, one of the most favorite architectural styles in the US

  • Northwest contemporary minimalist

The very specific architectural style of the Pacific Northwest area features the best mix of nature and modern look. Its distinguishing characteristics are flat or shed rooflines, sleek lines, and open door plans. The materials used are mostly natural with the goal to preserve and highlight the earth tones.

old buildings on a green surface campus grounds in one of Seattle neighborhoods.
University of Washington campus ground has some amazing inspiring buildings
  • Craftsman bungalows

This particular style became popular in the early 20s’. The architect’s design was attributed to Gustav Stickley, who was inspired by England’s Arts and Crafts movement from the 19th century. The characteristic of this style is the use of natural materials, like wood, stone, and river rocks, in order to build practical homes.

  • Seattle-box style

It is a local variant of the foursquare house. They are usually made as two-story single-family homes, following the geometric forms, with specific extended bay windows, often with ornamental brackets.

Make sure to organize the move on time

When it comes to relocating your residential space to Seattle you’d want to save some money and find the best assistance to transfer your household items. We all know that moving apartments isn’t just packing and transfer. That might be the easy part. A well-organized move is a must.

Therefore, you will need to evaluate do you need some special services for valuable items and find the best team to assist you when relocating to one of Seattle neighborhoods. Now, if you’ve decided which one of these neighborhoods will be your new home, contact, a team of experienced professionals that will make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Ravenna, a designated historic district

Similar to other historical Seattle neighborhoods, a great number of homes in Ravenna were constructed from 1909 to the early 1930s. You will be encountering a various range of residential architectural styles. Above all, its most dominant designs include Craftsman, Tudor Revival, and Colonial Revival styles. Demand for new housing and expansion of the suburb is being encouraged by bungalow plan books and catalogs.

modern architecture detail with big glass surface
The modern design of Seattle central library or historical parts of the city? Which architectural style do you prefer?

Mount Baker, an open-air museum vibes

Most of this waterfront neighborhood was born in the early 20th century, offering an outstanding mix of designs. It is a living architectural textbook of historical styles. From Medieval, Elizabethan, and Italian Renaissance to Colonial Revival and Prairie styles, the streets give respectful “open-air museum ” vibes. Of course, there are some more modest homes as well, still, not as affordable as you’d expect.

Roanoke – the hidden gem of Seattle neighborhoods

Bounded by major freeways on the west and the south, the streets resist the modern surroundings, offering various style houses with magnificent architectural details. Above all, this neighborhood offers an amazing panorama of the University of Washington Campus and the Montlake Bridge.

When walking the Roanoke streets you will be passing next to an Italianate villa, a Greek revival home with Corinthian columns, a Swiss chalet, a Tudor house, and International Style Box residences. Roanoke has it all, at much more affordable prices than in Capitol Hill.

person working on a architecture plan of a house in one of Seattle neighborhoods.
Like most creative jobs, you use your surroundings as an inspiration. You won’t go wrong relocating to one of the Seattle neighborhoods

Beacon Hill – the perfect choice when it comes to moving your business

Situated east of Mount Baker, Beacon Hill is a popular growing neighborhood. Many entrepreneurs move their businesses here, therefore there is a large number of new constructions rising everywhere. In other words, Beacon Hill is the perfect place if you plan to relocate your company as well.

Moving an office can be an overwhelming experience and definitely requires professional assistance. Now, an architect’s office is quite a challenge. Like most visual artists, you put a lot of effort to equip the working space. In other words, your office is basically your portfolio. So, whether it comes to relocating a cubicle, office, or an entire building, you need to hire reliable help to transport your inventory in no time when moving to Beacon Hill.

Georgetown – the oldest neighborhood

This neighborhood was founded as an independent town in 1751, before the existence of the District of Colombia. The buildings of Georgetown stand out not only by their exterior look but also by the way they are arranged. Therefore, this particular neighborhood gives you the Colonial and the Federal era vibe.

It is certainly one of the most important architectural-historical structures on the West Coast. Unfortunately, today almost nothing aside from the layout of the streets survived.

interior of a Gothic style building
Suzzallo Library in Seattle is one of the most magnificent monuments of Gothic Revival architecture in the US

Capitol Hill, the mix of old and new

The neighborhood has a reputation as a bastion of musical culture in Seattle, being a breeding ground for alternative music genres in the 90s’. In Capitol Hill, there are varieties of structures you can encounter, including few surviving classical revival complexes. A modest studio apartment buildings and the majestic historic mansions sometimes even standing next to each other!

Choosing a place to live and create in is not an easy task, especially when we are talking about some great choices, like the mentioned Seattle neighborhoods. Therefore it’s no wonder Capitol Hill has a great number of historic homes, parks, and quick access to the center of the city, which makes it a very expensive place to live in. Some of the most expensive buildings are around Interlaken Park. These famous park landscape architects are the Olmsted Brothers, the same family of architects who did the design for Central Park, NYC.

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