Slow-paced places in Florida retirees are moving to

At this point in life, when you look back, you can see that you had a great youth in Sunshine State.  Florida is a state of possibilities and making your dreams come true. So far, your work and constant daily responsibilities were the greatest time consumers, until now. It is time for new beginnings, it is time to please yourself and slow down. Let retirement be a new chapter in which you will dedicate your time to yourself. With our tips, you can easily find slow-paced places in Florida retirees are moving to.

Make a change

It is never an easy task to decide where to spend your retirement but the best option is to put yourself in a new ambiance. That means a new experience, new adventures, and opportunities. Usually, when moving you have to conduct good research but in the case of retirement do some extra work. Consider some important factors when moving.

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Find a safe place to be. Avoid places with heavy traffic and find peaceful surroundings with a low crime rate. For example, Lighthouse Point is not one of the safest communities in America. It has a great suburb, weather and so many attractions designed for an active life. Proximity to the beach, beautiful real estate, and warm weather make it a perfect candidate for slow-paced places in Florida retirees are moving to. If you are thinking about moving here, you are lucky since the place has reliable crews to handle the job of your relocation rather smoothly.


When relocating think about the affordable options. Search for the neighborhood that suits you. St. Petersburg is represented as one of the perfect places for retirees. It has some beautiful vintage neighborhoods on the northeast side of or bungalows, Craftsman-style cottages, large ranchers, and Spanish-influenced designed houses. Think about having a smaller home or apartment which you can adapt, and where you can be independent.

Senior community

This could be a funny experience. Making new friendships is always the goal in life. Punta Gorda knows how to attract retired people, obviously. In Punta Gorda, the majority of the population is 65 or older and it has numerous retirement communities. If you are a friendly person who is looking for new acquaintances, this is the place to be.


Of course, you want some action, finally, you will have plenty of time for that. Highland Beach is in Palm Beach County and is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Highland Beach offers residents a dense urban feel and opportunities to have a full life. In Highland Beach, there are a lot of restaurants and parks, lakes, and beaches. When moving here don’t forget to contact their moving company, their experts are at your disposal any time you need them.

Distance from family

The fact is that you will miss your family, so think about the distance. If you can at some point you should avoid driving.

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Distance from family can be hard

This is just a tip of an iceberg. Consider Tampa, Sarasota, Gainesville, Port St. Lucie, Naples, and other great locations. Think about the act of moving itself, it will be a crazy ride. You can find some great tips on how to do it trouble-free, it will save your time and nerves.

Make it fun, make it easy, make it worthy. There is no better way to open a new chapter than to move to slow-paced places in Florida retirees are moving to. Give yourself well deserved peace and rest. Enjoy small things and free your mind while walking down the beach toward your new home.

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