Small towns in North Carolina perfect for aging in place 

When it is time for you to retire, you want to choose a location where you can be stress-free and relax. There are many places in America where you will be happy to get older. But we think you should pick North Carolina as the place to spend your golden years. The USA Moving will tell you about the small towns in North Carolina perfect for aging in place. But before we get into our recommendations, let’s learn why North Carolina is a great place to retire. 

Why retire in North Carolina?

First, North Carolina has beaches for days. With around 300 miles of coastline, you can find your perfect home. There are many towns in North Carolina perfect for aging on the coastline. In addition, your family will love visiting your beach home. When you find your ideal beach town, let Next Stop Movers help you with the moving-in process. If they do not provide the services you need, you can always hire a different moving expert. 

Second, there are beautiful mountains. In North Carolina, you get the best of both worlds, the beaches, and the mountains. The most famous mountains in the state are the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the mountains, you can find beautiful wildlife and waterfalls. And whenever you want to visit, winter or summer, there are many resorts.

Third, North Carolina is affordable. The cost of living in the state is ten percent lower than the national average. The only thing that is more expensive in North Carolina is health. 

Fourth, the state has a pleasant climate. The climate in North Carolina is mild, and you get to experience all four distinct seasons. Gentle weather means the summers are not so hot and the winter is not too cold. And you will have something to do no matter what the season. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
When you move to North Carolina, you must visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

These are some of the beautiful things about North Carolina. We can not write down how good this state is for aging. When moving to your new home in North Carolina, remember to do a background check on your movers

Small towns in North Carolina perfect for aging in place – Asheville 

The first town in our article is Asheville. Asheville is a charming town in the Blue Ridge Mountains with almost 100,000 residents. When you move to Asheville, you are signing up to get to know your neighbor. While it is not one of the smallest towns, it is community-oriented, and there are many ways you can meet new people. Around 20% of the population is above 65 in Asheville.

four people sitting
What makes Asheville one of the best Small towns in North Carolina is that people will welcome you when you arrive.

When you meet new people, you will have plenty of things to do in Asheville. The first thing a local will recommend is outdoor activities. Most popular outdoor activities in Asheville are visiting The North Carolina Arboretum, the Craggy Gardens, and the Botanical Gardens. If you are willing to drive, you can go to the Pisgah National Forest, and in the summer, you can swim in Lake Powhatan. You will fall in love with the views in Asheville when autumn comes, and the mountain leaves turn yellow, red, and orange. 

You will not only be looking at nature when you relocate to Asheville – there are plenty of indoor activities. Many restaurants serve delicious food from all around the world. And art lovers should check out the River Arts District and the Asheville Art Museum. 

 The cost of living in Asheville is 16% higher than the national average. If you want to buy a home, it will cost you, on average, 350,000 dollars. And rent ins between 900 and 2000 dollars in Asheville. 

Small towns in North Carolina perfect for aging in place – Clayton 

 Our second recommendation is Clayton. If Asheville was too big for you then you should consider moving to Clayton. Clayton is in Johnston County and has around 25,000 residents. The sense of community is even stronger in Clayton than in Asheville. One downside of Clayton is that the aging population is smaller, with 12% of the population over 65 years old. 

The first reason you will love living in Clayton is the location. Clayton is only 17 miles away from Raleigh, and you can reach it in only half an hour. If you do not want to drive, then you can take a reasonable price taxi. In Raleigh, you will find plenty of excitement if you are missing it in Clayton. Besides closeness to Raleigh, beaches and mountains are not far away from you. You can reach a good beach spot in two hours and the Blue Ridge Mountains in four hours. 

The most popular restaurant in Clayton is Manning’s Restaurant, where they serve delicious south dishes. Dinner lovers will have a well-priced and tasty meal in Skylines Cafe. To digest the tasty food, you can visit the Clemmons Educational State Forest or Clayton Community Park. And you can visit Clayton’s park whenever you want because the crime rate in the town is below average. 

server carrying food, learn about the Small towns in North Carolina
After a meal, visit the Clayton Community Park to relax.

 Finally, Clayton is very affordable. The cost of living in Clayton is 4 percent lower than the national average. You can buy a nice home for aging for only 280,000 dollars. To experience Clayton to the fullest, let experienced neighbors jump in and help you move into your new home. With their local knowledge, the move to Clayton will be stress-free. 


These are our picks for the small towns in North Carolina perfect for aging in place. No matter which one you choose, you will lead a comfortable life. Because they are safe and reasonably priced. But most importantly, the people of North Carolina are welcoming to newcomers, so you will not have a hard time adjusting. If you have any bad moving experiences during your relocation to North Carolina, you should file a complaint against the moving company.

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