Smart ways to pack your tools for the relocation

Preparing for a move can be difficult and stressful with all the things you need to do. You can really appreciate how difficult it is when you start doing it. However, a few moving tasks can be difficult as packing and moving your garage. The garage can be a death trap full of oddly shaped tools and equipment. They are usually dangerous to handle and move but you have to. In light of these difficulties, there are smart ways to pack your tools. They can help you go through the process safely and stress-free.

Packing your tools

Packing tools and other stuff from your garage or shed should start with a good inventory. Over the years these places accumulate stuff that is not necessarily needed. So making an inventory may help you organize them, prepare for moving or pack items for storage. Besides, you should:

  • Declutter
  • Sort
  • Get supplies
  • Pack

    It's easy to pack your tools if they're organized and hanging on the wall.
    Gather your tools and sort them out to get rid of the pieces you don’t need


As stated we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff in our sheds and garages. Most of the stuff we end up not needing in the end. So decluttering is a good idea. It will help you sort out what you need and don’t need, and shed weight for the move while saving money. Decluttering will mean surveying your tools and decide which tools you’re going to keep and which you won’t. A good idea is to call your friends and relatives and give away anything you don’t have the use for. You can also organize a garage sale to get rid of unneeded stuff tools you own.


You should also sort your tools into different groups. You can have electric, machining tools or hand tools. They should be separated into their own categories. You may also have garden tools so sort them separately. Sorting will help you assess the needs for packing supplies and help you decide on just how to pack.

Get packing supplies

To pack your tools properly during the move, packing is vital. This means that the packing supplies are important too. Especially the boxes and bins you will be using. The best way of transporting your tools is in their original boxes. But as they are probably unavailable make sure to buy the best boxes possible. Ideally, they should fit the tools perfectly. They should also be sturdy enough and allow for the use of bubble wrap or other protection for your tools. You can always have your movers do the packing if you are uncertain.


When packing tools make sure to disassemble them first. First, pack the power tools. Wrap the power cord around the tool and secure it. Make sure to detach the batteries, blades, and any protruding parts. Pack them in bubble wrap and bags and keep them in the same box with tools. Then pack the hand tools. It’s best to use a toolbox that can fit all of your hand tools at once.

Chainsaw laying in the grass.
Make sure the garden appliances are cleaned and disassembled before you pack your tools for the move

If you don’t have it buy adequate size boxes and arrange the tools inside by wrapping them in protective foam or blankets. Will the boxes with packing peanuts and filling. For garden tools try to pack similar tools together, tape them up together and protect them with moving blankets. Make sure all of the tools are clean to avoid them being damaged during moving.

Moving your tool shed may be a difficult task but you can pack your tools with some effort. Make sure to follow the advice and be patient and you will have your tools ready for the moving day.

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