The best season for a move within NYC

A move within NYC is not like any regular move within a city. New York City is the busiest place on earth probably and this city is amazingly big and crowded so, unless you are moving down the street it should be treated just like any other relocation. Don’t worry, relocations are not necessarily always stressful and hectic. There are many things you can do to avoid additional stress and mess and one of them is to choose the best season for a move within NYC. We will show you what we know and of course, you can research online to find more. Luckily we live in the era of the internet so you can find just about anything online and become a pro in a matter of hours. Why not use that advantage? Let’s start with the basics.

Is there a wrong season for a move within NYC?

There is no such thing as a wrong season to move, but and this is a big but – summer can be horrible for relocation. If you need to move in a hurry – you gotta do what you gotta do and that’s it. But if you can plan everything and choose the season we recommend you do not move during the hottest days of summer. NYC is known to be a hot concrete jungle where everything looks like it’s melting in august. So, if you can postpone your relocation do it. Heavy lifting during hot days can be very bad. Winter can also be problematic. If it’s just cold then it’s fine. But if you try to relocate during snowy cold days once again it can be slippery and bad for you. If the road is icy you can slip, fall, injure yourself and break some of your belongings.

summer in NYC
Summer can be brutal in NYC.

The best seasons for a move within NYC

Yes, there are two. Fall and Spring are the two great options. The weather conditions are perfect and it is also great if you need to get some work done in your new place like painting the walls and such. Once again it’s important to mention that if you are in need of relocation quickly it can be done just right no matter the season and weather conditions. All you need to do is call reliable movers like Capital City Bins NYC and they can take care of everything from moving supplies, packing, and relocation. That’s the best way to relocate when the weather is not doing you any favors.

Spring relocation

The winter is gone, everything seems new and bright. People are getting more and more enthusiastic. It’s a great time for a new start. You can start your relocation by decluttering. There is no better time for decluttering than a spring. Just like a spring cleaning but you get rid of everything you no longer use or want. If you sell some of those items you can spend less money on packing material. Packing material can get quite costly. When it comes to moving boxes we suggest that instead of buying them and recycling them later you rent plastic bins instead. A reusable option is best and it’s much less of a hassle for you. The other good thing about those plastic bins is that they are very sturdy so they will keep your household belongings safe until you reach your new destination.

Spring relocations are also popular because that’s when people usually do remodeling and adaptations since the conditions are the best to work. If you are moving on your own then it’s fine but if you plan to call movers to make sure to call them as soon as you know the date for your relocation since they might be busy. Give them at least a few days’ heads up. This is a busy season.

TWo happy girls in a hug observing NYC after they have successfully chosen the best season for a move within NYC.
Spring is such an optimistic and great time for many things. Relocations are one of those.

Fall relocation

If you find out about your relocation during the summer, we suggest postponing it (if possible) until fall. The rain can be problematic of course but not as much as the heat. So this is what you can call the second-best season to move within NYC. A good thing about fall is that it’s not such a busy season for movers so they will probably be able to relocate you right away. Fun fact – these two seasons are the best for relocation but when it comes to buying real estate (of any kind) in NYC the best season by far is winter, that’s when prices are at their lowest.

Packing for relocation

Since you are planning to move soon we have prepared some tips for you to make your relocation and packing much easier and of course to prepare like a pro :

  • we already talked about this but let’s mention it once again – declutter before you start packing
  • gather all packing material to see what you have on you, there is no reason to buy anything if you already have it
  • consider renting plastic bins instead of buying moving boxes
  • bubble wrap is the best for your fragile and breakable items
  • download some moving and packing apps to help you with organizing
  • when you start packing sort items by room and label all boxes
  • start packing fragile items first and work your way up – leave the furniture for last
A girl packing for a move
If you pack smartly you will be able to unpack quickly later on.

Weather apps

Weather apps can predict the weather a few weeks ahead. That might be helpful to pinpoint a certain date for your relocation if you are not in a hurry you can take your time, take your pick and pick a day with perfect weather for your move within NYC. Those apps are so helpful in many aspects of life too so if you don’t already have one on your phone install some of them! You won’t regret it. Good luck with your upcoming relocation!

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