The best way to pack before moving

Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be stressful and exhausting at all. It really depends on the perspective and time you are willing to put into it. Imagine, just for a moment, how it can be a perfect opportunity to rearrange all your furniture. Also, it is a good chance to get rid of all the stuff you were piling up in your home that doesn’t have any particular usage. I bet everybody feels like a hoarder when looking at that strange-“nothing in particular” bunch of items we are saving in our storage rooms. Well, it’s time to clear the air and grab the bull by the horns. The best way to pack before moving is to have everything organized in detail.

The best way to pack before moving

The entire packing process can be split into smaller groups:

  1. Making a good plan is the first step
  2. Get yourself supplies for packing
  3. Find additional equipment you might need
  4. It’s time to pack before moving

Making a good plan is the first step

Since packing is the essential thing in every move, you will have to come up with the perfect plan. Or, at least one that won’t affect your nervous system much. How to achieve that? Well, you can start by making lists for everything you plan to do. Every single step can be simplified and divided into smaller steps, or tasks if you wish. Since time is an important factor as well, try to predict the amount of time you will need. Making a schedule of upcoming events and assignments is a good way. However, don’t overestimate yourself. If you see that it’s more than you can handle, the best way to pack would be to hire professionals to do it for you. Yes, it can cost you some, but injuries and damaged goods can cost you even more.

A hand over the calendar while scheduling a plan.
Good planning is the foundation of every successful action.

Get yourself supplies for packing

Packing without proper supplies wouldn’t make much sense, would it? To be ready to pack before moving you will need:

  • Boxes: small, medium, large, and special purpose boxes.
  • Bags: small and big plastic bags, vacuum bags, even garbage bags can do.
  • Tapes: duct tape, shipping tape, labeling tape, and tape dispensers for convenience.
  • Cutting tools: scissors, knives, “box cutter” scalpels, and pen blades.
  • Stickers: for labeling purposes or just for notes.
  • Labeling markers: different colors are recommendable.
  • Wrappers: plastic, paper, stretching, or blanket wraps. Even old newspapers can be useful but are not recommended.
  • Fillers: same as wrappers just for the inside, like Styrofoam for fragile items protection.
  • Gloves: for protection when packing and for loading.

A little hint about the boxes

You can get packing supplies like boxes for free. Just ask in your local store or supermarket if they have any to spare. They usually throw them away so that shouldn’t be a problem. Another way to get them is to buy used moving boxes or to pay for some to moving companies. This can also be a cheap way since they often have them on sale. In the end, if it’s too much trouble for you to go through, you can hire professionals because they already have all the necessary supplies and equipment.

People making stickers for labeling.
Labeling your boxes is essential when packing.

Find additional equipment you might need

Now that we are mentioning it, besides supplies, you will need some additional equipment as well. When preparing and packing large things, it doesn’t help a thing if you can’t re-position them to the desired destination. Packing your piano the perfect way is nothing if you can’t move it from that corner of the room and load it to your truck. This is where tools like dollies, sliders, ropes, lifters, straps, and even blankets come in handy. Both for protection and ease of use. If you favor the DIY way, you can borrow the equipment from a friend. Also, you can rent the equipment from a local company that’s in the moving business. At last, you can hire movers and spare yourself from trouble.

Illustration of boxes with room labels ready for transport.
Everything is ready for loading.

It’s time to pack before moving

Before you dive deep into packing each and every one of your items, thinks about grouping. Sort all your possessions into similar groups. You can do this by “room-by-room” sorting, or by usage, whatever suits you better. Also, use the opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t absolutely need. Throw it, sell it, donate it, giveaway, do anything you can just don’t clutter your new home with it. If it is a large household with a lot of items do not hesitate to call for help. Contact your friends and family and see if there is someone available to give you a hand. If yes, try to respect their time and prepare everything you can before they arrive, so the packing process goes smooth and safe.

A couple of tips:

  1. When packing electronic devices with cables, take pictures so you don’t have to remember every cable position.
  2. Pack your “essential box” for the first day upon arrival to the new home.
  3. Plates should be packed vertically so they don’t break from their own weight in transport.
  4. Don’t group heavy items together, separate them into smaller boxes.
  5. You can use your drawers and luggage as boxes, fill them, wrap them, and they are good to go.
  6. Sandwich bags are very convenient for screws and small parts.
  7. Clean your new home before the move, it is much easier to do it while it’s still empty.
  8. Stretch wrap is good for grouping boxes and holding them together in transport.
  9. Place numbers on boxes so you are sure you won’t forget any.
  10. Don’t resupply your fridge for at least a couple of days before moving.

After going through brainstorming about the best way to pack before moving, and carefully executing all your plans, it never hurts to do a double check to see if everything is going according to plans. In general, there are always situations we can’t predict and things we keep forgetting. After all, we are only humans and we do make mistakes. But, we can try to do our best and teach, and help each other whenever we got a chance.

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