The cost of living in the Upper West Side

New York City is one of the most amazing places to live in no matter your age. People from all over the world have been moving to New York City for decades as it has been one of the best cities to live in for a very long time. But as no place is the perfect place to call home, neither is New York City. There are some disadvantages of living in NYC. One of the things that many people would say is the biggest disadvantage of living in New York City surely is the cost of living. And one of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan is the Upper West Side. It is a very good neighborhood to live in for plenty of reasons but is the cost of living one of them. If you want to know what is the cost of living in the Upper West Side, you are in the right place. We have done plenty of research and found out what the cost of living in the Upper West Side is for those of you planning on moving there.

But have one thing in mind, no matter where in NYC you are living, a well-paying job is a must-have. This is one of the most expensive cities in the world. There are neighborhoods that are more affordable than others but that doesn’t mean that they are not expensive. Now read on if planning on living in the Upper West Side in the near future.

Housing cost

No matter where you are moving to, surely the first thing you want to know the cost of is housing. If you know anything about Manhattan, you already know that real estate here is very expensive. This goes both for renting and purchasing a home. Purchasing a home in the Upper West Side is not something just anyone can do. Most homes come with a very high price point as this is one of the neighborhoods located in the center of NYC.

Manhattan is very expensive when it comes to housing costs.

If planning on buying a home in the Upper West Side, surely plan to spend at least a million dollars. You will either spend a million on a home that doesn’t need any reparations or remodeling jobs done. Or spend less on a home that does and then when you add up the cost of the home and the remodeling done, you end up spending a million. And that is the least amount of money needed to spend in order to live in a nice home in the Upper West Side where you have enough space for anything you need.

But if renting an apartment, this absurd amount of money won’t be needed. Depending on the size of the home you need, the price varies. If looking for a one-bedroom apartment, depending on the look of it, you would need between $2,000 and $4,000 a month. It certainly is up to you to decide whether you will rent or purchase a property.

If looking for a bigger home, you will certainly need more. But bigger homes are not so easy to be found. You will be seeing mostly luxurious apartments on the listings while searching for a bigger Upper West Side home. But have in mind that you have to be patient and that the right home will certainly appear. And when it does, Heart Moving Manhattan can assist with the relocation.

Bigger homes in NYC are usually more luxurious and surely more expensive to both rent and purchase.


Another thing you surely want to know is the price of the electricity and water that you will be using while living in the Upper West Side. You have to pay the bills no matter where you move and they are usually not so cheap. Bills in the Upper West Side include heating, electricity, water, and garbage.

Let’s say you are moving to the Upper West Side by yourself. A single person in the Upper West Side is estimated to have to pay bills at around $1,400. That is of course without rent. If you are moving in with a roommate, the bills will be larger. But you will be splitting them. This is always a good way to save some money if this is your first time living in NYC.

And if you are moving to the Upper West Side with your family, you will certainly need a lot more money as you will be using more electricity and water. Don’t expect the bills to be below $2,500 if living with a spouse and a child. But it is good to have in mind that heat and hot water are the two utilities that are included in the rent price in NYC if renting a home. This is not a common thing across the country or the world hence why we have to mention it.

House on a calculator.
The cost of the utility bills depends on how many of you are living in the home.

You can always relocate to a more affordable neighborhood if living in the Upper West Side turns out to be too expensive for you. You can always turn to people in the neighborhood to help with the relocation.


Another thing you surely need wherever you move to is something to eat. And the cost of the food in the Upper West Side depends on your lifestyle. If you are a vegan mostly eating out instead of preparing meals, you certainly need a lot of money. And this is what a lot of people expect when moving to NYC – high prices in restaurants.

If you do not care whether the food you are eating is healthy or not, you won’t have to spend as much money. Even if eating out all the time as there are plenty of fast-food restaurants that are not so expensive. You can always go to a fancy restaurant in the Upper West Side as there are dozens of them where you can eat some amazing food. But if looking to save some money, cooking yourself is the best option! This is one of the most crowded neighborhoods in NYC hence why there are plenty of restaurants. If looking for a less crowded one, do more research.

There are dozens of neighborhoods in NYC. And have in mind that not every one of them is suitable for you and your lifestyle. This might just be the case with the Upper West Side. Consider thoroughly all the pros and cons and then make a decision whether moving here is the right thing to do.

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