The least crowded neighborhoods in NYC

With 8.5 million residents in an area of 320 square miles, New York City is the most congested city in the United States.  Millions of tourists visiting NYC every year make this city even more swarming. As people are getting warier about living in a densely populated environment, demand for less crowded areas has grown a lot lately. Outdoor space, good traffic connectivity to jobs, or to the internet for people working from home, are some of the top priorities when deciding where to move. In NYC, you can find a few areas that are moderately populated and safe. So, here are some of the least crowded neighborhoods in NYC.

Staten Island

This suburban island definitely tops this list. It is connected to Brooklyn and Manhattan by bridges, subway, and free ferry. With the largest forest reserve in the city, half of the NYC green protected area is located here. This small island is full of natural beauty, historic sites, cultural attractions, and great food. Staten Island offers a rich variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy alone or with friends and family. Hiking, cycling, golf, or swimming at the one of island’s many beaches, are just some of the options. This is also one of the safest areas in NYC. The crime rate on Staten Island is well below average compared to other NYC boroughs. Being one of the most affordable areas in NYC, many people move to live here.


Although Brooklyn is one of the most populous boroughs in NYC, here you can still find low-density areas. Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, are favorite areas for newcomers. Elegant brownstone houses, beautiful parks, spacious playgrounds, and excellent schools attract a lot of families with children. These friendly communities, with many art galleries, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, are the perfect place for living. If you decide to move here, make sure you find the best assistance. Relocation takes a lot of work, but professional and experienced local movers will help you with anything you need.

Brooklyn Brownstones
Smell the roses!


Manhattan is also one of the least crowded neighborhoods in NYC. Even there, you can still hide from NYC hustle and bustle. The residential areas of the Upper West Side and Upper East Side are great places for living. Just think of Central Park. These areas are quieter and more relaxing compared to the intensity of Lower Manhattan. Battery Park has abundant green spaces to escape from the concrete jungle. If you choose to relocate to this area, going for a walk, a run or a bike ride along the Hudson River will become your regular activities. Hudson Yard is the newest neighborhood with large public green spaces, luxury condominiums, office buildings, schools, a shopping mall, etc.

Central Park in one of the least crowded neighborhoods in NYC.
Time to relax


Forest Hills is mostly a residential neighborhood. It is a favorite spot for New York residents looking for more space and less hastiness. Long Island City is a fast-growing but still homely neighborhood, located very close to Manhattan. It has new apartment buildings, restaurants, pubs, and venues attractive to young professionals. Its spacious park is a great place for recreational activities, open-air concerts, and performance arts.

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