The ultimate cross country moving checklist

Every move requires a lot of planning in combination with a careful organization. Especially if we are talking about moving on longer distances. Usually, among the hardest things to do is to make sure you got every tiny detail covered. Speaking of tiny… as a whole, the moving process is overwhelmingly complex. Fortunately, you can make it much easier by breaking it into sets of smaller tasks. This way, it will be pretty much straightforward to remember what you need to do and set priorities. Also, you can check one thing at a time as you complete it. Obviously, the only way to have a successfully organized move is to make and use the ultimate cross country moving checklist.

What to include in the ultimate cross country moving checklist

Changing your life, in general, and moving everything you own can be really demanding and stressful. So, the sooner you start your preparations the more time you will have to consider everything of importance. Without cross country moving checklist, it’s easy to fall into complete chaos, and regret even thinking about moving. Running around, trying to accomplish everything at the same time won’t get you anywhere. You will only lose time and confuse even more. By grouping up some smaller tasks and synchronizing them properly with your calendar, you can simplify even the hardest tasks. So, here is the suggestion about how the ultimate cross country moving checklist might look like.

Seven doors as choices.
Don’t be confused by choices, write everything down.

Two months before moving

Start by dealing with finances

As the cross-country moving is not exactly a cheap endeavor, you will need to be careful with your expenses. Plan it carefully, and consider all the options. Here is what to consider to do:

  • Calculate your starting moving capital, plus-minus 20% approximately.
  • Compare potential housing options in a new location, both selling and renting.
  • Do some research about the costs of living, amenities, and other daily imperatives.
  • Search for a job in advance to ensure money flow.
  • If you have kids, compare schools and education system in general.
  • Thoroughly organize your medical records and other documentation for your entire family.

Do some research about moving companies

For a cross country move which involves long distances, your best option would be to hire a professional moving company. You can hire proven movers like State to State Move, or you can search for others if that suits you. But, you need to be careful. Here’s what not to forget:

  • Start researching all your options and write everything down.
  • Look for moving companies online, check advertising in your region, and undoubtedly, ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Without hesitation, contact several companies and ask them questions.
  • Again, write everything down.
  • Get a moving estimate from each of the companies.
  • Finally, make a smart and informed decision.

Additionally, you should be aware that there are many suspicious and not exactly reliable companies on the market. So, getting everything in writing with precise estimates is crucial. Also, opt for in-house estimates since they are the only way to know the exact costs.

One month before you move

Handle utilities, subscriptions, and other services

  • Check how you can change your address and everything that follows.
  • Among others, you should notify your gas company, ISP, etc. of your plans.
  • Talk with your bank advisor about cards and accounts.
  • Most importantly, notify your employer.
  • Consider your options for moving your pet.
  • Finally, check tax, driver’s license, and vehicle regulations.

Finalize arrangements

  • First, make all the traveling arrangements for you and your family.
  • Second, check the insurance for family members.
  • Third, check about insurance coverage of your belongings.
  • And finally, tell your kids about plans.

Generally, you can expect a bit of resistance from your kids. Sometimes, this step can be done a little bit earlier for older kids. Nevertheless, don’t forget to include your kids in planning and try to bring it closer to them so they handle the change better.

Two boys with books at school.
It’s hard for them to leave their friends.

Start sorting out your belongings

This should be a list on its own. In fact, it’s quite necessary since you probably have many items in your place. Start sorting everything out by making a complete inventory list. Usually, this is the time when you will start thinking about additional storage, depending on the size of your new home.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Take this opportunity to completely declutter. In general, you have four common options:

  • Organize a garage sale
  • Sell your items online
  • Give something away to friends, family members, or neighbors.
  • Donate to charity

Honestly, any choice is good enough as long as you are reducing the number of things you need to move.

Get proper packing supplies from your cross country moving checklist

You should usually get these supplies unless you are hiring professional packers. These supplies include:

  1. moving boxes of different size
  2. moving blankets
  3. packing paper
  4. packing tape
  5. foam and other fillers
  6. wrapping materials
  7. cardboards and corner protectors
  8. ropes
  9. markers and stickers of different color

Eventually, if you have some delicate items like antiques, or cumbersome like a swing set, you should ask your moving company if they offer special service. Don’t risk by packing and moving them by yourself.

Markers in various colors.
Label everything when packing your items.

Two weeks before you move

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start packing everything you want to move.
  • Label everything.
  • Take pictures of everything, there is plenty of uses of it.
  • Disassemble what you can for better handling and packing.
  • Don’t forget to take a pause and rest.
  • Skip any hazardous materials.
  • Make plans for your perishable food.
  • Organize care for kids and pets for a moving day.

Finally, you should confirm everything again with your movers. Just to make sure nothing changes and that everything is on the schedule.

One week before you move

Usually, if everything is going according to plans, these will be the final few tasks:

  • Check your car if you are driving
  • Start defrosting and cleaning
  • Double-check everything

Eventually, this is a perfect moment to pack your bag of essentials or to add a few things if you already got one ready. Also, try to get some rest and pay attention to your diet.

The moving day is here and your cross country moving checklist near the end

  • Check everything again
  • Make sure everyone is fine and hydrated, including your movers
  • Oversee but don’t interfere too much.
  • Among other things, be kind to your movers, they will appreciate it.
  • Keep your calmness

Every move is different, generally speaking. You can add a few lines here and there, but the point is the same. The ultimate cross country moving checklist is a necessary part of every move. It’s the only proper way to stay organized and save you some valuable time.

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