The ultimate guide to packing glassware

Moving is a process and it takes time and careful preparation. As many consider it a stressful experience, there are whole techniques and plans on doing it successfully. It is a hectic process that requires planning and good organization. One of the aspects of moving that demands special attention is packing. The packing process is tedious and boring but it can be crucial for your move. As such it requires good planning and organization. Planning and organization are crucial for packing if you consider the value and fragility of certain items that you need to move. Glassware is particularly fragile and demands special care and attention. So, to be safe and sure you may need the ultimate guide for packing glassware.

Packing glassware

Well, your move is already stressful enough even without the added worry about fragile items. Let’s face it, there is always a risk of damaging and breaking fragile items. To decrease that rick you need a good strategy for packing fragile items like dishes and glasses. Packing your kitchen may be the most demanding task as it takes extra care to execute. It takes extra time and specialty materials and packing supplies to perform. But if you think about how expensive glassware and dishes can be it may well be worth the extra effort. You may also find a suitable packing service company to help you pack. 

Glass tea pot and cups
Taking good care of your precious glassware during your move is crucial.

What is needed

First of all, to pack this fragile glassware you may need additional and specialty packing materials. As glassware is particularly fragile you may need extra cardboard boxes for packing. Besides the boxes, you will need additional cushioning and protection of the items. There are lists and guides to help you prepare online if you need additional help.

You can buy packing paper and always use newspapers as an alternative. Glasses demand the use of bubble wrap as well as foam rolls and sheets. Besides the store-bought supplies, you can also utilize soft items such as blankets, scarfs, towels, and sweaters to additionally protect those items in DIY and free fashion. Once you have everything you need to prepare and start packing:

  • Inspect your glassware
  • Wrap everything
  • Pack in boxes, Fill and protect
  • Seal and label
Packing paper in a cardboard box.
Make sure you have the supplies to protect your glasses


The key to packing glasses securely is to provide as much protection as you can. It starts with the inspection. make sure that your glassware is not cracked and damaged. Make the inspection and make sure that everything is alright for packing. Broken glasses can make your transport riskier and it will make extra work when unpacking. Separate and put aside any glasses that are too damaged to pack and move.


Make sure to wrap every glass individually prior to putting it in the box. Use newspapers, bubble wrap, or padding to wrap each glass separately. Make sure to specially protect wine glasses as their stems and thinner glass are particularly fragile. Wrap them in bubble wrap and fill with protective padding abundantly. 

Pack, fill, protect

Make sure to get some sturdy boxes for packing glassware. If you can afford it, buy additional boxes that are made for storing and moving glassware. Find boxes with separators and cells for additional security. Make sure to line the boxes with protective padding. Also, make sure to reinforce them with packing tape to make them sturdier and tougher for transport. 

Seal and label

Make sure to seal the boxes properly. Packing tape can add considerable protection and ruggedness to the boxes. make sure they can withstand moving handling and protect the glassware adequately. Shake the boxes a bit to find out if the glass moves and if the items are in danger of damage.

Long stem wine glasses
Wine glasses with long stems require additional protection and care when packing.

So, your packing can be easier and more stress-free with this ultimate guide to packing glassware. Here you have a complete list of the most important aspect and steps of packing glassware for the move. Be sure to invest time and patience in this process to protect your precious fragile items and glasses. 

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