The wealthiest cities and towns in NJ

So, you want to relocate somewhere in New Jersey. That sounds like an excellent idea for both you and your family. However, you still have not chosen the right place for your new beginning. For this reason, you feel a bit stressed and worried. There is no need for that. We are ready to help you. In this text, you will learn what are the wealthiest cities and towns in NJ. Also, we will give you some interesting information about each of them. Hopefully, it will help you decide where you want to move. We wish you the best of luck with your relocation!

Haddonfield – number one on our list of the wealthiest cities and towns in NJ

Haddonfield is a town in Camden County in New Jersey. It is an excellent place for families for it has great educational opportunities. It has both private and public schools. This town is very small. For this reason, it is pretty walkable, which is ideal for people who like this kind of recreation. In addition, there is no need for people who live there to use cars and other kinds of vehicles. If you decide that this town is the right choice for you, make sure to hire professional movers like Bluebell Relocation Services NJ, for example. It will make the whole moving process much easier and faster. In addition, you will not have to stress about absolutely anything. Reliable movers offer excellent services at affordable prices. Therefore, waste no more time and start your search for professional assistance.

A child drawing.
Haddonfield is a place in New Jersey with great educational opportunities for kids.

Glen Rock us one of the wealthiest cities and towns in NJ

Glen Rock is a city in Bergen County in New Jersey. It is one of the wealthiest places in this state with many work opportunities. Moreover, houses and flats are wonderful there. Importantly, the people who live there are very nice and friendly. In addition, schools are excellent in this place. We also have to say that Glen Rock is a perfectly safe place. If you want to move to another part of Glen Rock, make sure to find proper help. Relocating on your own is not advisable at all. If you carry all of your heavy furniture items completely on your own, you will undoubtedly get hurt. So, contact your professional moving company and make the whole process less stressful for both you and your loved ones.

A woman using a computer to find out bout the wealthiest cities and towns in NJ.
Glen Rock has to offer many job opportunities to people who decide to move there.


Rumson is also one of the wealthiest cities and towns in New Jersey. This place is great for various recreational activities. For example, its public parks include Meadowridge Park, Piping Rock Park, Riverside Park, Rogers Park, “Teddy’s Playground” at Victory Park, and West Park.  Moreover, it also has both private and public schools. All of this makes it a great place for family life. If you want to relocate there, we advise you to start packing right away. But, before you go and make unnecessary spendings on cardboard boxes, check your attic and basement. There is a chance that you will find perfectly useful boxes for your relocation. If that is not the case, do not hesitate to visit your local book store or supermarket. Ask the people who work there if they have some boxes that they no longer need. Surely, they will not mind to give them to you instead of throwing them away.

A row of trees.
Rumson has beautiful parks that are ideal for recreation and family fun.

North Caldwell

North Caldwell is located in Essex County, New Jersey. It has to offer many job opportunities. Also, it is safer than the majority of cities in the United States of America. Importantly, schools in this place are not bad at all. We have to mention The North Caldwell Public Schools and The West Essex Regional School District. Both parents and children are pretty content with teachers and their organizational skills in these institutions. If you decide to move to this place, you should start cleaning and decluttering your house right now. We advise you to ask your friends and family for help. In that way, you will use the chance to spend some quality time together before you relocate. When you finish cleaning, order pizza, and enjoy with your loved ones.

Cresskill is one of the wealthiest cities and towns in NJ

Cresskill is placed in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is also one of the richest cities and towns in this state. In addition, it is a pretty safe place. Its crime rate is very low, which is excellent. When it comes to schools, Cresskill has to offer both primary and secondary education to your children. If you choose this place for your fresh start, we strongly advise you to organize a yard sale before your moving day comes. In that way, you will be able to earn some more money on your relocation. Moreover, you will get rid of all the things that you no longer need and save more space and money on their transport. If you still have some things left when the sale is over, make sure to give them to somebody who will make use of them. In case nobody wants them, just throw them away.


Roseland is a place in western Essex County which is located in New Jersey. People who decide to move there will not regret it, for it is one of the wealthiest cities in this state. There are many job opportunities, which is the most important thing for everybody. Also, schools there are pretty good and parents are satisfied with their work.

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