Things most people forget when packing for a move

 Moving time is a hectic time and can seem chaotic. Keeping organized with so many things to do can seem impossible. That is why planning and organization are crucial. Making checklists and schedules is important to keep everything in order. However, people often fail at preparing for the move and in the process of moving. It may be frustrating but there are things most people forget when packing for a move. We are only humans, it can happen and it does happen often.

What are the things people forget when packing?

Even with all of the moving chaos, it is important to be cool and organized. Packing is boring, tedious, and time-consuming. It makes it easy to overlook and forget stuff. If you do not get organized it will be the reason for forgetting some of the essentials. But, if you are¬†planning your move properly, you should consult the list of items people forget the most. The list is endless but let’s stick to some of the usual items people forget when packing:

  • Documents
  • Medicines
  • Valuables
  • Stored items

    A hand putting a passport in a pocket of bag as personal documents are some of the things most people forget when packing for a move.
    Usually people tend to forget important documents when moving


It may seem incredible but important documents are the things people forget about most often. Some of them are the ones that they will need immediately. Most people fail because they do not prepare. The advice is to prepare a folder to gather all of your documents in it. Try to keep in mind to pack: medical documentation, financial, house, insurance and employment documents, and school records. Keep that folder with you and take care of it personally.


People should really take care of their medicines particularly if they suffer from chronic diseases. Unfortunately, they often forget them. The reason is that they are tucked away in some medicine cabinet out of sight. Make sure to get them on the list of essential, not to be forgotten, items. Make sure you pack them in your essentials bag that won’t leave your side during the move. It is important to pack your medication especially if you are moving in a hurry or long distance. Of course, keep track of their expiry dates, and double-check that you have a sufficient supply of prescription medication at hand.

Scattered medicines and tablets
Regardless of their importance medication is the second item people forget when moving


One of the things people tend to forget is the valuables. Jewelry or other valuable items are easy to forget. They tend to be hidden away, out of sight for protection and safekeeping. That is the reason they are often forgotten. So, sit down and make sure you remember all of the hiding places in your house and check them. This is the only way to make sure you don’t forget your valuables.

Stored items

Stored items are out of sight, and can be out of mind when moving. People tend to forget their stored items. If it is in the attic, basement, shed, or garage it is a prime candidate to be forgotten. So, take around your home. Take a look at every storage space you have to be sure that you pack everything.

As we said, the list is endless. From potted plants to dry cleaning and toiletries, you can overlook and forget it all. Keys, tools chargers can all get lost in your move.

People often forget about jewelry and stored items when moving

So, be sure to get organized and create lists and schedules. Try to consult moving guides that can help you prepare and pack for your move. This will be the key not only to good packing and moving organization but the solution to your forgetfulness.

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