Things to have in mind when selling your Nashville home

If you want to sell your old home, there are specific steps you should take to make the sale faster and more successful. We may feel subjective when selling the house we’ve spent many years in. However, you need logical preparation, smart choices, and the right timing to make the sale successful. If you don’t have much real estate experience, this guide will come in handy. Here are the things to have in mind when selling your Nashville home so you can expect a smooth sale.

It’s all about the timing

Homes sell all the time, but choosing the most popular time for selling your Nashville home will ensure a faster sale. Most of the buyers start house-hunting right after the winter is over. It means the most popular months to sell your home would be March, April, and May. Of course, if you’re in a rush to find a buyer, you can put up your property for sale a lot earlier. However, winter is not the time when many buyers decide to make a purchase. Although, as it turns out, it can also be a great time to buy a home here.

Nashville is quite a popular destination, so you’ll probably have no trouble selling your home there.

Set the right price

You may love your old home a lot, but you must be objective in the sale process. Setting the right price will also ensure a faster sale without losing much money. If you set the price too high, you can end up waiting for the buyer for a long time. So, make sure you consider these factors in deciding what the best listing price for the house you’re about to sell is:

  • Location seems to be the most critical factor – Popular areas are close to the city center, around schools and other essential amenities.
  • Consider your home’s condition and size – be realistic about your house’s condition and any potential issues; factor in any recent improvements you’ve made too.
  • Research the local market – there are probably some similar houses recently sold in the area. Find out their price so you can form your own.

You should know that the median listing home price in Nashville is about $409,000. This is an important thing to know for selling your old home and buying a new one somewhere else. In general, Nashville is a bit more expensive than the rest of Tennessee. However, the prices here are lower than in the rest of the country. If you are thinking of organizing a cross-country relocation and hiring movers, it’s something you should know. If you want to start over far away from Tennessee, you should consider the financial aspect. The same-sized house will probably cost you more in some neighboring states.

Make your home look good for more success

One of the things to have in mind when selling your Nashville home is that not everyone sees the property the same way you do. That’s why you need to take a realistic approach and make your home look good for the buyers. Home staging is a popular method of making your home more accessible for buyers, and it includes a couple of steps.

Cleaning and decluttering

The excess of unnecessary items is a distraction for buyers and can leave a negative impression. Make sure you do a deep decluttering session and clean the house thoroughly. Clean the floors in detail, remove the stains from any carpets or furniture, refresh the curtains, and make windows spotless. A clean and freshly-smelling home will put buyers in a good mood and make them want the house a lot more.


Another thing to know when selling a Nashville home is that buyers don’t want to feel like strangers at somebody else’s house. They should have the opportunity to imagine themselves living in your home, and that’s not possible if there are too many personal items. Remove all the family photos, religious and political items, your kids’ toys, pet items, etc. Make the house visually acceptable for those looking to buy it, and you can expect a much faster sale.

Improve the curb appeal

The way your home looks on the outside sets the first impression on the buyers. No matter how good your home is, something people see outside can ruin that. Go out and take a look at your home from the street. See if there are some things you haven’t noticed before that can spoil a potential buyer’s first impression. Trim the bushes, remove roots that stick out, mow the grass, and give doors and windows a fresh coat of paint. Also, some simple updates can make a huge difference – adding more lights or flowers, for example. Finally, use the power washing technique to make your siding or fences look spotless.

Remember: People move to Nashville because of the fantastic nature that it is surrounded by. This means that they are into outdoor activities and spending time outside. Make the most out of your outdoor space and show it off in the right way. You can do some low-cost projects to improve your patio, add new furniture, etc. Make sure buyers are aware of how well your home’s outdoor space can be used.

A couple holding house keys after buying a home in Nashville
Buying and selling a home depends on several factors – take all the necessary steps to get a better deal.

A good agent makes a difference

Unless you’ve got plenty of experience with selling Nashville homes, we recommend hiring an experienced agent. Local real estate agents can share more information on the current situation in the local market. Do some research on the best local pros and see which one of them can help you sell fast. Get referrals, interview a couple of options, and check those references. This will give you a closer idea of their previous work so you can decide who’s the best for you. Once you pick an agent that will work in your best interest, you can relax as they will guide you through the sale process.

Remember to use this technique when moving house, too. Comparing more than one moving team is the safest way to get yourself the best deal.

An agent helping with selling your Nashville home.
Agents are responsible for finding the most suitable buyers and guiding you through the sale process.

Be open-minded and stay positive

Selling your Nashville home is a process, and it may not go the way you imagined it. However, if you stay open-minded and take a positive attitude, you can expect the best possible results in no time. Stay patient and do everything to attract a perfect buyer who will love your house just the way you used to.

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