Things you can do to make your Florida move simpler

Moving to Florida may initially seem like an easy thing to do. You have to pack your items, load them into a moving vehicle, then unload and unpack. Not so difficult, is it? Well, if you’ve experienced moving, then you know that this is so far from reality. But, you can achieve a successful move easily if you focus on making a detailed plan and careful preparation. Moreover, you will save a lot of time and effort when the moving day eventually comes. So, here are some things you can do to make your Florida move simpler. 

Start early and create a to-do list

Want to know how to deal with moving stressWell, the best way is to start preparing the move early. Because then you don’t have to rush or do things later. When you’re moving, there’s a lot to keep track of. Once you begin the moving process, you’ll find more and more tasks to complete. So, you can easily feel very frazzled. That’s why you should create a to-do list. For time-sensitive tasks, put together a calendar. This way you can visualize upcoming deadlines. Having this information on paper will help you avoid a lot of stress.

A pencil and a notebook you can use to write down a plan and make your Florida move simpler.
Start planning early because that is one of the things you can do to make your Florida move simpler.

Hire professionals  

Hiring movers is usually a lot less expensive than people expect. So, it may very well be in your budget without you even knowing it. Just make sure you know ways to discover the right company to help you. Moving to Florida is about one million times simpler when the movers do a lot of the work. 

Notify important contacts about the change of the address in advance 

You decided to hire some of the Best Movers in Florida to finish the relocation. But, there is still something you have to do. You have to create a list of companies and utilities that need to be notified of your moving date. Make sure you notify everyone, from the council to the post office for forwarding mail. Either visit offices locally or be prepared to make some phone calls. But, make sure you create this list because then you’re less likely to forget anyone.

Make your Florida move simpler and check your measurements

In the initial phase of your moving preparations, you should measure your new living space properly to be sure your belongings will fit there. Pay special attention to bulky items like beds, a living room couch, or your beautiful dining room table. Then, try tips for arranging furniture after the move. You will have no reason to worry about any of your furniture items if you conduct this task properly.

Declutter and make your Florida move simpler

Professionals will take care of all your moving-related activities, but you must get rid of the thing you don’t need. Moving to Florida is your chance to get rid of the clutter and change your lifestyle significantly. In short, any item you don’t need or use, don’t bring with you. A criterion you could apply while decluttering can be whether you’ve used an item in the past couple of years.

Recycling some of your unnecessary items is a good choice. Also, give some items to your friends, or even donate them to people who need them or some charities. Whatever you decide is a better decision than taking them with you to your new Florida home.

Old Clothes Yard Sale
Make your move to Florida easier and organize a yard sale. It will help you get rid of the things you no longer need.

Packing tips that can make your Florida move simpler

  • Sort your belongings. When packing, sort like with like. So, pack all clothes together, books together, and so forth. It’ll make organizing your new space much easier.
  • Start packing early. It may sound silly to have boxes around months before you move. But, you’ll save yourself some serious trouble. So, pack items you know you won’t need until you move as early as possible. Label those boxes and store them until it’s time to load the truck.
  • Invest in quality moving boxes. Used moving boxes can be compromised because of the wear and exposure to moisture. You don’t want a box falling apart in your hand while you’re moving. Hence, buy quality moving boxes.
  • Pack for an hour a day. Break down your packing into steps. If you try to pack everything in one night, you’ll be overwhelmed with stress. Instead, tackle one room at a time and spend an hour every day packing up
  • Every room must have a different color packing label. Use different colored masking tape and give each room its color. Label the contents of the box and the room that belongs. It will save you a ton of time.
  • Don’t overpack the moving box.  
  • Use the right size boxes. Put heavy items such as books, in small boxes. And lighter items in larger boxes. But, pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on the top to avoid damaging breakables.
  • Make sure the boxes don’t have empty spaces. Use packing paper, clothing, or foam peanuts to fill any grapes. It will prevent items from shifting around during the move. 
  • Bundle the breakables. For fragile, use plenty of bunched-up paper and padding. Pack these items correctly to save you stress in the long run.
Moving Boxes and some tape.
Use these tips when packing your household items.

Make your Florida move simpler and pack an essential bag

Yes, you’ll have all your belongings when you get to your new place, but they will all be in boxes. So, it’s a good idea to pack a small suitcase or overnight bag. You want your toiletries, towels, a few changes of clothes, medicine, and other necessities on-hand and ready to go. It will allow you to refresh yourself for a few days while you get everything else situated in your new home. 

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