Things you must do right after you move in

The moving is not finished after the moving day. Now, it is time to unpack, clean, decorate, adjust to a new environment, meet new neighbors, etc. There are so many tasks to finish – so, where to start? What should you do right after you move in? Having a checklist during the relocation will help you not to forget a thing. You will be organized and at the same time, you will finish everything on time.

Things to do right after you move in

What to do first as you settle into a new home and what is most important? Understand your further steps clearly and if you need – ask for help. If this is your first relocation, it is normal to be confused and overwhelmed.

Unpacking to do right after you move in.
Unpacking is not the only thing to do right after you move in, but it is part of the process

Inspect a home

Right after you get inside your new home, inspect it. What does it mean? Take a tour around the house and evaluate the condition of the place. Are there any damages – if you see something damaged, take a photo and show it to your landlord (if you are renting a home). Inspect furniture, walls, shelves, everything that is inside.

Set up utilities

Nobody wants to be in a cold house without electricity and water. Right after moving in, turn on the utilities and make sure you will have electricity and water immediately on a moving day. You should contact utility companies a few weeks before moving and notify them about relocation. Especially if you are moving with kids.

Painting a fence.
Do some small repairs in your new home if it is needed

Unpacking the essentials

Before arranging furniture after the move, unpack boxes with the most important items. Such as toiletries bed sheets, food, water, clothing for a couple of days, toys for kids, etc. Before moving, pack an overnight bag for each person with the basic items. So, you won’t lose time searching for pajamas and toothbrushes. The first night in a new home does not have to be stressful and hard if you are well-prepared.

Make sure all your boxes are there

Take the inventory of your belongings and make sure everything is there. If you have hired a moving company and something is missing or something is damaged during transportation, you need to contact them and to explain the problem. You have a certain time for complaints, after that time, it will be late and you will not be able to complain.

Update your home address

You can update a home address through the U.S. Post Office or you can do it online. If the change in address will impact your tax return, you may need to contact other organizations too such as the Veterans’ Affairs Office or the IRS.

Meet new neighbors

After furnishing and decorating your new home, it is time to meet new neighbors. This may help you to overcome homesickness when you move and depression. You don’t have to do right after you move in, immediately – but, after a couple of days, you should especially if you have moved to a small suburb where neighbors are like a small family.

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