Tips for buying a home in Houston from out of state

Buying a home in Houston will be easy even if you are doing this remotely after you read our tips and see who can help you out on this journey. First of all, you need to decide what kind of home you need/want and what your budget is.

Online home-hunting in Houston from out of state

Now that you are sure what kind of home you want and where exactly you can start your home hunt. There are real estate websites that can allow you just that. The most popular one out there is They even have an app for your phone so you can check out houses and apartments in Houston from your phone whenever you feel like it. After that, you should find some realtor tips on buying a house since they are the best at this.

A woman researching zillow on here laptop because she has plans to get involved in buying a home in Houston will be of great help here.

Hiring reliable people to help you

Since you are doing everything remotely you will need some help. When it comes to moving to Houston and settling in you can reach out to specialists that can relocate you quickly. When it comes to buying a property you will need a realtor to find you a perfect place for you and your family (if you are moving with your family). Sometimes people also hire a home inspector so they can make sure that the home you want to buy really is perfect and there are no hidden flaws, but this one is optional.

Use the advantages of modern technology

You can go on a home hunt with your realtor. You can use apps like Skype and the realtor can show you around. Sure this is not the same as being there but it’s a second-best option. Don’t be shy to tell your realtor what you want. Buying a home is not a small thing and it is not a small investment. If you want to see the place you can do it this way. Also, make sure to download some moving apps for later.

The red flags

Before you make an offer on a place and call State to State Move, you should know the red flags that should make you rethink buying a place :

  • the smell of mold
  • wet spots on the wall
  • structural problems
  • plumbing problems
  • pests
  • poor drainage
  • the state of the neighborhood
A red flag
You need to know the red flags if you wish to avoid them.

Additional tips when buying a home in Houston

  1. Find an up-and-coming neighborhood to get a better price
  2. If you have the time to wait for the winter – the prices are at their lowest then
  3. Don’t fall for realtor tricks like home staging because that is made to show you the potential of the home and not the real condition

Making an offer

You can always try to lower the price. Especially during the winter when the demand is pretty low. Who knows – make an offer – maybe you can get a good price.

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