Tips for finding a freelance job in Hawaii

The 21st century is an era of the internet and technology. More and more people are working online, now it is possible. Also, freelance jobs are popular among the younger population. Do you want to move to another place and leave California? Now, a job does not have to stop you, because you can work from everywhere. Is there a freelance job in Hawaii? How to find it and of course, how to move there in the first place?

Pros of living in Hawaii

Why should you move to Hawaii and why do people love to live there? Leaving Califonia is a big challenge. Moving to a different state that has a different lifestyle, and that is not close to CA can cause a lot of stress. But, it offers many benefits. It is a beautiful state of the USA with many natural beauties.

This state is the only state outside of North America perfect for those who love tropical destinations. Hawaii became an American state back in 1959 and living there will give you a feeling that you are outside of the USA because of its tradition and culture. This state even has its own time zone.  Living on the island will make you think you are on vacation 24/7.

Nature in Hawaii.
Nature in Hawaii is beautiful

Here are some of the advantages of moving to Hawaii and starting a new life there as a Californian.

  • The weather is incredible all year round. It is a little bit different than the weather in California. A tropical climate attracts many tourists.
  • This state invests a lot of money in infrastructure, so roads and highways are in good condition. Public transportation is also available.
  • Culture is fun and warm. People here have a laid-back approach to life, so there is no place for stress.
  • The crime rates are low and Hawaii is a relatively safe place to live in.
  • Outdoor recreational opportunities are endless. After moving here, you will have an active life. Diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, just name it.
  • Beautiful beaches that will take your breath away.
  • People here are more interested in having a good time than working 10 hours. They want to spend time with friends and family.
  • Compared to the costs of living in California, the costs of living here are more affordable. After you find a freelance job in Hawaii and get your finances in order.
  • A lot of people are moving out of California after retirement to Hawaii because life here is more relaxing.

Jobs in demand

Explore what jobs are in demand in Hawaii. You can explore it while you are in California because most freelance jobs can be found online. Some of the popular freelance jobs in Hawaii are:

  • Makeup artists
  • Child care and nursery
  • Nurse
  • Content specialist
  • Developer

Explore if there are jobs for you in Hawaii before you move there for a longer period of time.

How to move from California to Hawaii?

Before you start a new life in Hawaii, you need to move there first. How to move to another state? Long-distance relocations are not simple and easy, especially when you are moving to an island. Hiring a moving company can make the process a lot easier and you will handle a relocation with no stress. 

Start packing on time

Decide what to take and what to leave in California. Research moving companies that will move all your items from California to Hawaii and you don’t have to deal with the process. Hire a company that is reliable and reputable.

A woman looking for a freelance job in Hawaii
Find a job and then move to Hawaii

Also, a company you will hire should have experience with this type of relocation. No matter are you moving across the country for a job, or you want to meet new people, get new experiences, try new things, relocation is part of the process you cannot avoid.

Find a freelance job in Hawaii with ease

Now when you have found the right mover to help you out such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage – it is time to work on your career and to get a freelance job. A freelance is a form of self-employment and you have the freedom to select your own customers as well as your working time.

Why do you want to have a freelance job in Hawaii after moving there? What are your reasons? People choose this option because:

  • Hawaii is a beautiful source of inspiration because of its stunning views, amazing beaches, and good weather.
  • High and stable incomes.
  • Most freelancers work only a couple of hours a day, so they have more time for adventures and enjoying life.

Join freelance platforms

Spend some time researching online on freelance platforms You need to open accounts and that is a start. You only need to register and you will be able to apply to projects worldwide. This way you can make money and at the same time enjoy the beach.

Beach in Hawaii
You can work while lying on the beach in Hawaii

Some of the popular platforms where you can find a freelance job are Fiverr, Indeed, Guru, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. Opening an account will take you a couple of minutes, and also, you will need to open a bank account, so your clients can pay you for the service you are offering.

Look at additional resources

Freelance platforms are not the only place where you can look for a job. You should also look at additional resources. For example, there are websites that hire copywriters such as Hawaii magazine. If you have a talent for writing, go for it. Also, explore websites for job search. And that is not all. Business Action Center can help you as well as Hawaii Small Business Development Center. Be persistent when it comes to finding a freelance job in Hawaii. You will probably need to deal with moving stress, but after moving, you will enjoy it there.

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