Tips for Texas local moves – how to prepare your valuables

Packing is difficult, but packing valuables might add to the challenge. A few crucial actions might save many difficulties on the unpacking end if you don’t have the money to pay movers to box everything for you. In the following lines, we want to show you how to prepare your valuables for Texas local moves.

Make an inventory while packing valuables

Making notes and taking pictures of your priceless belongings can be useful in case something goes wrong. Even though cataloging every single item you own may not be time-efficient, this is a vital step when you’re thinking about how to prepare your valuables. If you have proof, filing a claim with your homeowner’s or moving company’s insurance will be simpler. This should simply fit into your pre-move planning.

Couple of monitors, pen and paper;
Make a few inventories of your valuables in case one of them gets lost.

Pack dishes side by side

Another annoying thing that might be challenging to pack is dishes, particularly if you’ve never moved before and are not sure how. To keep your plates secure, it’s crucial to ensure you have lots of cushioning and the proper box size. Dishes should be layered with paper and placed on the edge of the box, not flat-side down. If something bumps the edge, they are less prone to break. That’s why while you prepare your valuables you also need a guide to packing glassware to make it easier for yourself. It will eliminate any unnecessary stress you might have for your upcoming Texas move.

Buy packing materials for your valuables

It’s time to buy moving boxes and packing supplies now that you have a clearer notion of how much stuff you need to move. Get extra moving boxes than you anticipate needing. That will squander time and add to the stress. You may find a variety of packing calculators online to assist you to determine how much you’ll need. Unused packing materials might be given to a charity or sold to someone else getting ready to move.

Huge things need assistance

Moving some huge items requires specialized dollies, wooden containers, and personnel that is skilled in handling them. Because of this, hiring some Texas professionals to prepare and move these huge yet delicate items might be the best choice. Namely, the best thing you can do is leave it to specialists to prepare, pack, and then orchestrate the transportation of your belongings if you want to avoid any potential problems.

While creating your moving budget, you will need to account for any unexpected costs and fees

When some of your stuff cannot fit via a door or a hallway and they need to take it in or out of your home through a window, you will need to consider that in advance if they need to carry your items up or down several stairs. If you want to use their storage facility, keep that in mind as you are creating your moving budget.

Get travel insurance when it’s time to prepare your valuables

Check to see if a truck is insured before loading anything onto it. See if your homeowner’s insurance will provide coverage for your move, or inquire if your moving company provides additional insurance or coverage. Therefore, it might be wise to obtain specific moving insurance for anything very precious. The federal government provides a reasonably comprehensive description of your rights if you’re interested to learn more about your alternatives to damaged items and your movers.

Spend money on the right boxes

Like any task, packing valuables requires the proper equipment. And in this situation, boxes are frequently the best instruments. Padding is included in special flat-screen TV boxes to protect the screen. In a hurry to pack everything for their move, there are some things people forget when packing for a move, and we want you to be prepared and ready for your soon Texas relocation. Nonetheless, when packing for your travel remember that even if $20 or so may seem pricey for a box, it’s less expensive than spending $1,000 on a brand-new television. Stemware, which is particularly challenging to transport, is the same. Specialty boxes are available for a variety of goods.

The tape is the buddy for you and your valuables

Broken glass is unpleasant to deal with, and picking through it while moving is quite risky. Try using tape to help preserve your paintings or mirrors during a move. Everything under glass should have a large sign made out of masking or painter’s tape, as seen in pictures of storefront windows taken during storm preparations. Although it seems strange, the tape prevents the glass from shattering.

Pack It Up Properly

Make sure the contents of any box, but especially those carrying delicate items, don’t move by giving them a little shake as you pack. If they do, increase the cushioning. Don’t merely fold the box tops over – tape them instead. Also, we want to tell you that there are creative things you can use your leftover packing supplies for. And be sure to fill the box to prevent the top from collapsing.

Hands are putting clothes into a cardboard box.
Your clothes are very tricky to pack so think twice before figuring out how to prepare your valuables.

Avoid using social media to show off your valuables

Selfies that display your crown jewels only serve to entice would-be burglars. Another bad post to publish is one that describes your relocation. Perhaps you want your pals to envy your new place, but keep it for the housewarming party. You don’t only share your posts with your buddies.

A man and a woman smiling and taking a selfie.
Home selfies are sometimes better stored in your photo gallery than shown on Instagram.

Store them with family or friends

Accepting the offer from dependable friends or family to keep your things safe while you relocate may be a good idea. Find out how they will store the stuff in addition to making sure they are honorable. Consider alternate options if you have any reservations regarding their storage techniques.

Small Things Travel With You

It’s not only about the major things when packing valuables; the little things matter too. The movers want to protect your jewels and sensitive documents just as much as you do. Because of this, movers frequently provide a list of items that you should either bring with you in your car or have professionally transported.

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