Tips on packing toys for children

Packing for moving with children from one house to another can be very stressful. When it’s time to pack their room, you should be prepared for a certain amount of drama. Your younger ones might not be able to understand what is going on and why their favorite toys are disappearing inside the boxes. Your job is to comfort them and let them know it’s all going to be fine as soon as they move into their new room. Here are some tips on packing toys for children.

Start by decluttering

Children can never have too many toys if you ask them. On the other hand, parents are positive that their kids do not need at least half of the stuff that is scattered all over their room. Relocation is the perfect time for getting rid as many items as possible:

  • Throw away all the toys that are broken or damaged before you start packing toys for children. Convince them that they don’t need to keep toys that are missing pieces. Saying goodbye to the things we no longer need or that are of no use to us is something that grown-ups do. So, children might want to copy our behavior. Their new room is just for the toys that are safe and fun.
  • If your children have outgrown some of the toys or they do not like them anymore, you can let them decide who can have them now. A relative, neighbor or friend of theirs might be happy to receive such a gift.
  • Donate some to a charity. Teach your children that there are some less fortunate children who would be happy to get their used toys.

Once you declutter, you will have a clear idea of what needs to be relocated.

Provide the moving supplies

The best containers for transportation of toys are cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Sturdy boxes are a must when packing toys. They are inexpensive and easily accessible, and you can put a large number of items inside them. If you opt for cardboard boxes, you will need a permanent marker to shortlist the contents and some labels to indicate whether there are some fragile items inside.

A girl holds a box with plush bear inside it
Packing toys for children can be done in no time if they participate

The other option is to buy or, better, rent some plastic bins. Children’s books tend to be rather heavy and you cannot put too many of those in a cardboard box. If there is the slightest chance that your boxes get exposed to moisture or dust during moving, you should definitely opt for plastic bins. They are also easily stackable which will make your organization much easier. Not to mention that this solution is more environmentally-friendly.

When and where to start packing toys for children?

Depending on your moving date and the number of items you are moving to your new home, you should start packing toys for children a week or two before the relocation day. Start by packing the toys that your kids rarely play with. If they do not use them every day, there is a slight chance that they will ask for them once they are packed.

Ask your children to participate in packing

That’s how you will keep them occupied and do something that needs to be done before moving. Let them choose several toys that they would like to keep playing with until the moving day arrives. They will appreciate it and having their favorite stuffed animal or action toy always by their side will help them deal with the relocation stress more easily. Try telling them about the upcoming events through the bedtime stories.

Packing toys for children properly

Different toys require various levels of attention when packing. Here are some categories.

Soft toys

Stuffed animals and plush toys the easiest category of toys to pack. They are light, shock-absorbent and cannot be easily damaged. Therefore, you can pack a lot of them in a cardboard box or you can even use some clean bags for this purpose. If you want to avoid washing them after your relocation, opt for plastic bins since they will protect your children’s soft toys from dust and moisture.

Pricy and priceless toys

Collectibles and expensive toys should be packed with the utmost care. Wrap them in foam sheets, use packing peanuts, and other soft packing materials to prevent them from being damaged or destroyed. It is also important not to overfill the boxes. Don’t forget to label those boxes with FRAGILE. Once you do that, you can be sure that professionals from Evolution Moving Company NB will handle your valuable items with utmost care. Also, consider taking insurance if these items are very valuable to you or your children.

A robot to illustrate packing toys for children
Expensive toys need to be handled with care

Children’s books tend to be very heavy and they come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they have pull-out or 3d parts and it would be such a waste for those to get ruined. Pack kids’ books flat and do not overload the cardboard boxes with too many books.

Plastic toys

Small toys and spare parts should be put in sealable plastic bags or in their original package if you saved it. The same goes for puzzles, board games and other sets that could be ruined if a single piece goes missing after the relocation.

Action figures and dolls should be handled with care. Use some kind of padding to provide cushioning inside the box before putting such toys inside. Dolls and action figures often have some easily breakable parts so the best thing to do is to wrap each toy individually in packing paper or some other soft, protective material.

Always remove batteries from the toys before you pack them for relocation!

Painting and other supplies

Crayons, paints, glue, ink and similar crafts supplies can cause damage to other toys if spilled during transport. That is why you should check whether everything is properly closed. Sealable plastic bags can be useful here too.

Color pencils, brushes, and other painting supplies on a desk
Craft supplies can cause damage if they spill during transport

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea of how packing toys for children looks like. It would be nice to reward your children for their help with this important task. Just be careful if you are moving during the Coronavirus crisis.

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