Top 6 family-friendly places in Essex County

There are plenty of great locations to consider moving to in New Jersey. But by far the best one for families with children is Essex County. It is located near the border with New York which is why a lot of people from there move to Essex County. And most of the people moving here are families with children as there are plenty of family-friendly places in Essex County. If you have been thinking about relocation yourself, you should definitely consider Essex County. There are so many amazing towns where you can live with your family in Essex County and we wanted to tell you more about some of them that we believe are good options to consider.

East Orange

The first place on our list of the six family-friendly places in Essex County is East Orange. It is a town larger than Nutley and another great option for a family to move to. You will love East Orange as it provides everything a family needs. There are plenty of places you can go to such as the Jersey Explorer Children’s Museum. It is not only fun for children but for parents as well. It is located in Watsessing Park which is one of the most beautiful parks in town. You will certainly love spending time here. Many consider East Orange to be one of the best towns in NJ for small families.


Nutley is a township in Essex County where a lot of families have been moving lately. There are plenty of reasons why. The first is its location. Nutley sits in the western part of the County. It gets the first spot on our list because it is one of the safest towns in the area. Don’t get us wrong, all towns in Essex County are safe which is why this is a perfect place for families to live in but Nutley is especially safe. It is also a peaceful town whose community is very close. This creates an even better environment for children to grow up in.

The Third River passes through Nutley which is why there are some lakes in the town, Kingsland Lake is one of them. But this isn’t the only river that passes through Nutley. So does the Passaic River which is a much bigger river. Because of these bodies of water, the town has lots of beautiful nature.

Lake in New Jersey.
Through Nutley, two rivers pass. One of them has given the town two beautiful lakes.

People who have built it have done their best to maintain as much of the green spaces as it was possible. This is why now this town has so many amazing parks. There are some playgrounds for small children as well as fields where you can play all kinds of sports. What is a good thing about living in Nutley is that you can always find something fun to do.

Nutley real estate information

You will certainly fall in love with Nutley after moving there but in order to decide to move there, you surely want to know more about real estate and pricing. To buy a family home in Nutley, you will certainly need more than $500,000 as that is the median home price. Homes in this are on the more expensive side because of how good of a place to live in it is. If you do decide to move to Nutley, you can reach out to skilled people to make your family relocation stress-free.


A town you have certainly heard of before as plenty of people have been moving here lately is Irvington. It is a medium-sized town where around 60,000 people live but many more are expected to move in the near future. There are many reasons why. It could be because real estate is not as expensive as it is in other towns in the area. The median home price in Irvington is just around $380,000.

house in Essex County
You will love the houses in family-friendly places in Essex County!


If the Eastern part of the state suits your preferences more than the Western part, Livingstone is the town for you. Not a lot of people live here as of now, just around 30,000 but that number is bound to grow. New homes are being built in Livingston. They are all modern, spacious, and most importantly affordable! This is why lots of young people have been relocating to this area.

Investing in a home in Livingston is a good idea because experts say that the prices are only going to rise in the future as the town develops. And as it is such an amazing place to live in, it won’t take people long to catch up on it. All Season Movers┬ácan help you relocate to your new home in Essex County anytime!


According to a lot of people, Millburn is the most beautiful town in Essex County. And we cannot say otherwise. There are so many things making this town special. First of all, it is one of the biggest in size. It is also a town with the most forests and parks which is great for those of you who want to stay away from crowded places. You will be amazed when you first come to Millburn! Walking and hiking trails are to be found all over the town. But the most important thing to mention is the good schools.

New Jersey park.
If you have been wanting to live in a town that has lots of nature, this one is the one for you.


If living in a very peaceful town is your cup of tea, then you should definitely consider Montclair. Most of the residents of this town are elderly people and people with small children. This is why there are so many family-friendly activities to do here. Montclair is another town where you have plenty of parks. There are a couple of neighborhoods all of which are great options for big families to live in which is why no matter where in Montclair you relocate to, you will love living there, as it is one of the family-friendly places in Essex County.

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