Top-notch San Jose neighborhoods for families with dogs

Moving to a new neighborhood with your family means that you have to worry about making sure that everybody’s needs and wants are satisfied. This is easy to do when you are moving to San Jose as it is an amazing city to live in. There are lots of neighborhoods your family will love. But there are some neighborhoods that are less pet-friendly than others. And if you have a dog, you certainly want to make both your and your dog’s life better and easier by moving to a neighborhood you will both love. So, if planning on moving soon and you have a dog, here is where you can read about some of the best San Jose neighborhoods for families with dogs.

Los Gatos

The first lovely neighborhood to consider moving to certainly has to be Los Gatos. It is amazing for plenty of things but the fact that it is perfect for people with dogs should be one of your main reasons. There is a  mile walking trail in Los Gatos which is perfect for those who love long walks with their furry friend. You can get good exercise just by walking your dog along this lovely trail.

San Jose.
There are plenty of reasons to move to San Jose with a dog.

Plus, moving to Los Gatos is fairly easy. You can avoid any hassle by simply hiring professional movers. Moving with children and pets is not easy without some professional assistance.

Willow Glen

If you are somebody who takes their dog wherever you go, Willow Glen is the neighborhood for you. There are lots of pet-friendly cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops in this area. This makes it one of the best options among San Jose neighborhoods for families with dogs. This is a very lively neighborhood and a lot of locals have dogs as well. Hence why there is also a dog park nearby where you can let your dog play with others.

This is a safe part of San Jose which is why you will see lots of families with children here too. Plus we cannot skip over the fact that the housing here is relatively affordable. This is certainly what makes San Jose one of the best cities to move to.

Dog walking.
Living in Willow Glen makes having a dog easier.

Blossom Valley

The third out of a few San Jose neighborhoods for families with dogs you should consider moving to is surely Blossom Valley. This is a neighborhood with a lot of nature. There are plenty of parks, both regular and dog parks. But not only that, but also there are plenty of vets in this part of San Jose as well as dog groomers and dog daycares and pet shops.

For a lot of pet owners, this is all they truly need in their surroundings. As a pet owner, you might want to learn just how to make moving with a dog easier. It can be a hard task if you are moving long distances which is why knowing some tips is always useful.

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