Welcome to Rockland County – one of the most family-friendly counties in New York

Here is a story about one county in the US state of New York. Situated on the west side of the Hudson River this is the smallest county in the whole state. Although it’s got the name for its rocky terrain, this place is widely known for the unique and beautiful parkland. Welcome to Rockland County – one of the most family-friendly counties in New York.

The first impression

In the County of Rockland, you will immediately encounter something that is known as a real home-like feel. Despite the proximity to the city of New York, this county managed to preserve the nice suburban spirit. A peaceful and healthy environment where every parent would like to raise his children. The crime rate in this county is measured as notably low, and its residents point out they feel really safe there. Definitely a great place for all the family people. So, if you think likewise, pack your bags right now, and don’t forget a thing, since it may be that Rockland County is your place in the sun.

There is a street during a sunny day, and a dog standing in the middle of the street. Peaceful neighborhoods are somethings that make Rockland County one of the most family-friendly counties.
Find your piece of paradise.

Neighborhood and neighbors in Rockland County – one of the most family-friendly counties

You don’t need to worry about how you and your family will adapt to the new environment. People who live in this NYC district are friendly and warm-hearted. A strong sense of community prevails and you will feel welcomed whichever city or village you decide to settle in. And the range is wide, that’s for sure. You can choose the urban or the more laid-back areas. However, one thing is for sure, in every neighborhood, you will have enough for nice and tranquil family life. Everything is clean and organized there. And if you need some help with your relocation, don’t forget to ask your neighbors for a good local moving company. In Rockland County professionals are at your disposal any time and they can get you wherever you want. 


Even though living costs are not below the national average, the residents claim the housing in the county is good. However, one thing is for sure- the schooling system in this family-oriented county is highly rated. Therefore, if you have already gone through all the relocation stress, you’ll probably be happy to hear that it was worth it. Your children will have a chance to enroll in some of the best primary and secondary schools.

Free-time activities

The cities of Rockland County are rich with interesting and fun activities. There are plenty of cafes, shops, restaurants, and playgrounds all around. However, once you find the movers on slatterymoving.com and come to Rockland County, you’ll see that nature takes advantage there. Enjoy the mountains, riverbanks, and forests. Take your children to one of the beautiful parks, stay active and go hiking, or simply relax and organize a family picnic near the lake.

A father and a mother are holding their daughter, helping her to jump.
Spend some fun family time.

In the end, here’s a shortlist of some nice cities in Rockland County – one of the most family-friendly counties:

  • Orangetown
  • Clarkstown
  • Ramapo

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