What are the Best Neighborhoods in Frederick County MD?

Looking for a new place to settle down, and start your new life? Well, in the US state of Maryland, precisely in its northern part you will find Frederick County. It is situated next to the states like Virginia and Pennsylvania, and its seat is the city of Federick. The population of this county has increased immensely during the past several years, and it became very popular among people from all parts of the world. If you are curious about where they all settled down, we have the answer. Here is a list of the best neighborhoods in Frederick County MD.

How to know it’s the one?

The definition of the perfect neighborhood varies from one person to another. Some would be attracted by the home values, some would search for a place with good schools. And, some would be interested in professional development only. But once you define what you seek, many interesting options can appear everywhere. One place you should not miss checking is The USA Moving site, where you can get various ideas not only for finding the place that will fit you the best but you will also find some useful relocation tips you didn’t know. Here is what we find out about Maryland.

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Think well before you make a decision.

1. Urbana – a part of the Washington metropolitan area

This is one quiet town that offers its residents a nice suburban feel. A friendly community and a green and healthy environment ensure an excellent atmosphere for family people, especially those who have kids. Its location is promising, and you will not have to worry at all since almost everything one can need is very close by.

Houses in the neighborhood are charming, and the best thing is they are not too expensive either. Its proximity to DC promises interesting everyday life. However, the thing is life in Urbana is already exciting by itself too. Starting with the great outdoor activities, to beautiful sceneries, and parks and finally nightlife, this place is really something special. So, if you still haven’t organized your move, there is no time to waste. Hire Here & Now Movers and make Urbana your new home.

2. Spring Ridge – one of the best neighborhoods in Frederick County MD

This suburban area is located very close to the seat of the county, just outside of it. Many family people choose Spring Ridge for their new home for its highly-rated public schools. On the other hand young professionals love its proximity to DC and Federick, and thus numerous job opportunities. So if you decide to move to Maryland for a job, living in Spring Ridge will be an excellent choice. You can easily find a job in DC and still enjoy living in a nice small community such as the one you will find in Spring Ridge.

When it comes to everyday life, Spring Ridge would again surprise you. There you won’t lack anything. Starting from great restaurants, stores, to the pool, and, of course, playgrounds for the youngest ones. However, if you still decide you want something more, it would most certainly be no more than a short drive away.

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Moving for a job can sometimes be good.

3. Middletown – a town between two ranges

This town is said to be one of the best places to live in Frederick County MD. It may be because one just can’t help feeling at home once they come to Middletown and settle in properly. This town and its courteous residents make you believe you should stay there forever. Middletown is a perfect place for families. It is safe, with a great schooling system and a strong and helpful community. In Middletown, you will never see too much crowd, and the traffic is usually good. And the best thing is- parking definitely won’t be your problem anymore. The neighborhood has almost everything you may possibly need, but if you still seek something more Frederic is less than 20 minutes away from there. Most of the people who come there say it is a small-town feel area with big-city amenities.

4. Ballenger Creek – in a Maryland urban area

Ballenger Creek is a suburban neighborhood, in close proximity to DC, and Baltimore, Maryland’s most populous city. A perfect place for young people who are looking for some good job opportunities. Ballenger Creek is home to several big companies, and there are always some new businesses opening. On the other hand, this town is an excellent commute option for all those who are working in the big cities nearby. Thus, for example, you can have a nice quiet life in this charming town and still keep working in Baltimore for good. Plus, your living cost will be way more affordable than in a big city.

Living in Ballenger Creek is good for everyone. If an experienced crew from this area brings you there, you will discover that it is a family-oriented place, but it suits the lifestyle of singles, too. There are a lot of outdoor amenities, excellent parks, ball fields, access to rivers. But that’s not all. In this town, you will also find great restaurant chains and different shops, so you won’t miss anything.

5. New Market- the “Antique capital of Maryland”

Finally, here comes a town that offers to its residents a nice rural atmosphere. Beautiful nature is what definitely dominates there. In New Market, you’ll have a chance to enjoy nice lakes and small cute beaches every day. It’s a simple, antique town area with a nice community, cute restaurants, and numerous developing small businesses. There you’ll feel safe to raise your family, and it will easily make you feel at home. So, if you are looking for something completely different from the big city style, you should start packing your bags and move to New Market.

A girl on the field during the sunset. Beautiful nature is what makes some of the best neighborhoods in Frederick County MD so special.
Sometimes nature is all we need.

So, there is no reason to wait. Take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Frederick County MD that we have suggested today. Maybe one of them is your perfect place.

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