What to do with your furniture when between apartments in NYC

Hunting for apartments in NYC is not an easy task. This is an overcrowded city and finding a good place can take some time. But, that is ok. Taking your time and not doing it in a hurry means you will find the best possible apartment for you. Of course, you will be looking for a place with a good price. But being between apartments can be problematic with chunky household items. You can’t simply move them with you. Especially big items like furniture. But, don’t worry there is always a solution for these situations. After all, people are relocating daily, this is a very common practice. There is a solution for everything nowadays. Thus, we offer you some tips about what to do with your furniture when between apartments in NYC.

What to do with furniture while looking for apartments in NYC?

Furniture can be quite big and heavy. So this is not something you can move with ease. You will probably need a helping hand. Professional movers like Divine Moving and Storage will be happy to help you with this task. Lifting heavy items like furniture can lead to a serious back injury so leave that job to people who know the job best. In order for your furniture to be safe while you are looking for apartments in NYC, you need to store them safely. Lucky for you it is not hard to find good storage for rent in NYC. After all, moving often is something NewYorkers are best at.

A sofa in a living room.
The only good option is to find storage to keep your furniture safe until you find a new place.

Finding a good storage

You need to find storage that is somewhere near you. You probably won’t be storing just furniture so in case you need to hop and get something from storage, you need it to be close by. But, will every storage be good enough? The simple answer is no. Basic storage can be a bit problematic and unsafe. This is because of moisture and condensation. That can lead to mold and you don’t want mold anywhere near your furniture. That can ruin your furniture and that is simply unacceptable. There is another option – another type of storage that will be just perfect for storing your furniture and other valuable household items. Climate controlled storage or sometimes refers to as temperature control storage. Read on to find out what that is.

storage facility - the place to go to when you don't know what to do with your furniture when between apartments in NYC
Make sure to read the reviews.

Climate control storage

This is just like any other storage but with a big difference! In here they keep the temperature on the same level through the year so none of the accidents happen. Also, they pay special attention to ventilation. Some pieces require special conditions just like your furniture does in order to stay in the same condition throughout the period you need to store it. Yes, prices are a bit higher but climate control storage is not something new or rare so prices are not that high. You can afford it and it’s cheaper to pay something extra than to buy new furniture if something happens in basic storage.

Preparing and packing furniture

You need some preparations before storing the furniture while in between apartments in NYC. First of all, look at your furniture. Does it need some cleaning or vacuuming? Do that first, you cant store dirty furniture that will attract ants or some other bugs. After you are done with cleaning make sure that your furniture is completely dry. The next step is packing the furniture. Even though it’s a temperature-controlled unit you still need to wrap the furniture to protect it from dust. There is still no dust-proof storage. Buy some good-quality plastic covers. Make sure to get thick ones. Storing should also be done in a certain order. The biggest pieces should be along the walls. Bring the bigger pieces first and you can fit smaller ones later on.

How to be sure that your furniture is safe in climate control storage?

Talk to your movers about this kind of storage. Ask about how they keep storage climate controlled. Don’t be shy. Also, check out their website, look for reviews of previous clients. This will give you a good insight. If you feel skeptical after all that you can always go and check on your furniture and measure the temperature on the spot. That way you feel at ease and know that your furniture is safe and sound. After all, you doubled checked it.

Moving furniture

Did you find your new apartment? That can be hard, but maybe with a little bit of help from your realtor, it will be quicker. They know all the little tricks and are able to find you a good price no matter if you are looking to rent or buy. After you find the place you will move in. You will need furniture then. Make sure to give local movers the call so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting on your own and they will relocate your furniture to your new place in no time. After all, you will be needing furniture right away. Cant live in a place with no furniture. Movers can even help you with unpacking which can be quite nice and handy.

People carrying a plant in front of a yellow and blue moving truck
Hire professional movers in order to avoid any kind of back injury.

Good luck

Don’t worry, no matter how long it takes you to find your new place your furniture will be safe sad secure. So take your time. Looking for apartments in NYC can be quite overwhelming. Now you know all there is to know about safely storing your items. One day when your close friends or family members are in the same situation as you are now you will be able to share a piece of valuable advice. So, good luck on your upcoming adventure, and we are keeping fingers crossed that you find the perfect place for you in no time.

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