Why are people leaving Nevada?

As you may or may not know, Nevada has been a very popular moving destination in the last few years. A lot of people from all parts of the country have been moving to Nevada, especially people from California. But lately, a lot of people have been starting to move out of Nevada. Why are so many people leaving Nevada all of a sudden? Has anything changed? We’re here to answer some of the questions you might have about why people are leaving Nevada and where they are going.

Pros of living in Nevada

The first thing we want to discuss is why exactly was Nevada considered a good place for living in the first place. For starters, a growing job market attracted a lot of young people. The market is still there and it is still growing of course and that’s why a lot of people are continually moving to Nevada. Another pro of living in Nevada would be the taxes. There’s no state income tax and there is no sale tax of food and medicine. This is what attracted a lot of retirees to move to Nevada from California.

The cost of living in Nevada is 4% higher than the US average, but it is still much more affordable than in California. A median home price in Nevada, even in Las Vegas, is only $256,000. This is around the same price as the national average, which is considered to be another pro of living here.

Las Vegas panorama.
Living in Las Vegas can be cheaper than living in California.

Last but not least – the entertainment and the scenery. Nevada is a very fun place to live in if you live near Las Vegas. Las Vegas is big and bright. There are hundreds of hotels, bars, clubs, casinos. You can have plenty of fun in Nevada. The unique scenery is what a lot of people seem to like about this place too. Even though it is located in a desert, there’s still a lot of greenery. If all this makes you want to move to Nevada, Triple 7 Movers LV are there to help you.

Cons of living in Nevada – They might be the reason for leaving Nevada

Living in Nevada comes with a lot of cons. That’s exactly why so many people have changed their minds and started moving out of Nevada.

1. Education

Education is not something the State of Nevada can be proud of. The state’s grade was D last year as well as the year before. This is very bad considering that the national average is a C. This is evaluated based on 3 areas including success chances, school financing, and K-12 achievement. Each of the areas has not received a grade higher than D. This means that if you want your children to get a good education, this is not where you should be living.

Summerlin is a suburb in Las Vegas where a lot of families moved to over the last few years. But lately, a lot of them have started moving away because of this. When you decide to move out of Summerlin because of education, make sure you pick a state that has a grade higher than C. We recommend Illinois, Ohio, and Virginia.

A child studying.
If you want a better education for your children, move out of Nevada.

2. Prostitution

Being exposed to prostitution all the time surely has negative effects on both children and adults. It isn’t nice seeing it all the time. A lot of people didn’t even know that prostitution is such a big problem in Nevada, Las Vegas. If you want to protect yourself and your family from this, Nevada isn’t a place for you. And many people leaving Nevada state that this is the biggest issue of living in Nevada.

3. The state was used for nuclear testing and research

When people hear this they become very shocked. But this isn’t something that should shock you. Nevada is a huge desert. Of course, that is where they are going to do nuclear testings. But this can have a lot of negative impact on your health. It also affects nature. And we all want to be healthy and live in healthy surroundings. This is sadly not possible in Nevada because of all the tests and researches.

Nevada desert.
Nuclear testing has bad effects on people’s health.

4. The weather

The weather is a very large issue in Nevada. It is a desert. Deserts get very hot during the day. By very hot, we mean extremely hot. And nights get pretty cold. This bothers a lot of people but it is just the way nature works. There’s also not a lot of rain in Nevada and that’s why there’s a lot of dust in the air. Because of this, a lot of people have health issues.

5. There are just two cities

If you want to live in Nevada, you can choose from just two cities – Las Vegas and Reno. 2 million people live in Las Vegas and 500,000 people live in Reno. The rest of the population lives in small towns across the state. This means that you are literally living in the middle of nowhere. Ther’s not another town you can go to wind up and relax. Many people find this to be a con.

Where are people moving to after leaving Nevada?

So, where are people from Nevada moving to? North Carolina is just one of the destinations. The weather is nice, there’s plenty of cities to choose from, and the education is amazing. We wrote a North Carolina relocation guide for those of you thinking about moving there. They are also moving to Florida, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Washington.

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