Why is Las Vegas a great place for retirees?

Many people after retirement want to change a location of a home. In most cases, they are moving to the southern parts of the country because of the weather. One of the cities to consider is in Nevada – and it is the famous Las Vegas. Is Las Vegas a great place for retirees and if it is – how to move there? Las Vegas is one of the places where people from all around the world come to have fun. And it is known for entertainment options. But, it is not all that LV has to offer. Choose wisely a place where you will spend your golden years.

A couple playing tango in Las Vegas a great place for retirees.
Spend your retirement by learning something new and have fun!

Reasons why Las Vegas is a great place for retirees

What are the pros of retiring in Las Vegas and what does this city in Nevada have to offer to senior residents? The first thing on people’s minds is gambling, but it is just one part LV has. It is one of the best U.S. cities to move to in 2022 – not only for retirees but also, for families with kids and young professionals. Before moving, explore, and visit Las Vegas. Some of the pros of moving to Las Vegas and retiring there are:

The weather

Retirees are moving to warm places without cold winters and snowy days. It is safer for them and also, they can spend most of the time outside. The great weather makes Las Vegas a great place for retirees.

Growing senior population

It is important to socialize and have friends. You won’t have a problem finding people you can spend your free time with in Las Vegas because more and more seniors are moving to this city. 12.5% of the total population in Las Vegas are retirees.

Financial reasons

  1. No state income taxes – a few states in the USA have no state income taxes and Nevada is one of them. This way, you will keep more of your retirement income. It is one of the main reasons for moving out of California after retirement because the costs of living there are more expensive as well as taxes.
  2. Lower costs of living – overall costs of living are relatively affordable. Transportation, utilities, food, and healthcare costs are not that expensive.
  3. Affordable housing – no matter if you will buy a house or rent one, compared to other big cities, Las Vegas has affordable housing options. You can live in a big metropolitan area and still stay within the budget.

Endless fun

  • Retirement communities – Las Vegas has a lot of retirement communities that include swimming pools, golf courses, social clubs, different services (dining and healthcare), and convenience stores.
  • Entertainment options – Las Vegas is known for fun and entertainment. Tourists from all around the world are coming to LV to have fun. You cannot be bored here.
  • Outdoor activities – natural beauties are everywhere in Las Vegas and around the city. Be an active senior, and it will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Some of the places to visit are Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and Hoover Dam.
  • Dining scene – we must mention the dining scene in Las Vegas because it offers different cuisines and plenty of famous restaurants.

How to move as a senior to Las Vegas?

Moving as a senior requires help, no matter if are you moving locally or long-distance. After you have explored why is Las Vegas a great place for retirees, it is time to prepare yourself for a relocation. Packing is one of the first tasks to do when moving. And it takes a lot of time and energy. Keep in mind that packing includes a lot of lifting heavy and large items which may be risky for you. Moving injuries are common. Get professional assistance for moving valuable items in Las Vegas, furniture, and all the other household items.

Hire professional Las Vegas movers

For moving all your items to Las Vegas with ease, hire a local moving company from Las Vegas, Nevada. Have professionals at your disposal and handle a senior relocation like a pro. Now it is your time to relax and enjoy. Let professionals do all the hard work and heavy lifting. Also, if you are moving from another state to Las Vegas, it is not safe for you to drive a moving vehicle with all the stuff inside. Even if you have experience with moving (you probably have), moving as a senior is not that easy. 

Get a free online moving estimate

Set a moving budget, and calculate how much money you need for relocation to LV. Moving costs will mostly depend on the distance between your home to a new home in Las Vegas and the size and weight of your items. A company Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas can give you free moving estimates with only a couple of clicks. For a more accurate moving cost, get an in-home moving estimate and a professional will take care of it.

Making a plan for relocation.
Make a plan for your relocation to Las Vegas!

Best neighborhoods in LV for retirees

Las Vegas is not a small city. It is home to 2.77 million people. Which neighborhood has the most retirees and where to move? If you don’t want to rent, where to build or buy a house in Las Vegas? The options are there, you only need to explore and choose one neighborhood for you.

  • Winchester
  • Sun City Summerlin
  • Spring Valley
  • Spanish Hills
  • Whitney
  • Enterprise
  • Los Prados
  • The Ridges
Viva Vegas sign.
Choose where to live in Las Vegas.


Now, when you know all the reasons why is Las Vegas a great place for retirees, you can start organizing a relocation there. Choose a neighborhood where you move, hire a professional full-service moving company, and start your new life. It is time to enjoy and relax after all those years of working and providing for your family. Spend your golden years somewhere where you can have fun.

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