Why is Montgomery County a great place for big families

Montgomery County is a great place for big families. It is actually the best county in Maryland for families. First and for many families most importantly – the public schools here are highly rated. Your kids’ education needs to be a top priority so this is one of the first things you will research. The next one is safety of course. You want your kids to feel safe playing outside even if it’s getting dark outside. Don’t worry, according to the FBI statistics, this is a pretty safe county. If you like suburban areas then this can be a perfect place for you and your kids. Being a suburban area doesn’t mean the same as it did 50 years ago. You can still find fancy restaurants, nice coffee shops and great shopping here.

Montgomery County and more reasons why it’s a great place for big families

This is the most populous county in Maryland and it’s growing and becoming more populous each year. Montgomery County is located adjacent to Washington, D.C. Back in the 2020 census, the county’s population was 1,062,061, and that census showed an increase of 9.3% from the 2010 census. If you check who is moving here you will see that usually young professionals and young families are relocating here simply because it is a great place for them. The schools are great, there are plenty of job opportunities and housing is affordable.

Big family having breakfast
Now let’s discover the best places in Montgomery County for big families.

Cities that make Montgomery County

  1. Rockville
  2. Gaithersburg
  3. Takoma Park

These are the incorporated cities of Montgomery County. Some other incorporated municipalities are Laytonsville, Barnesville, Garrett Park, Brookeville, Friendship Heights, Glen Echo, Kensington, Poolesville, Chevy Chase, Somerset, and Washington Grove. The most popular census-designated place in Montgomery County is Olney. All of the places we mentioned can be perfect for you and your big family but we simply can’t talk about all of them so we will only mention the most popular ones. That doesn’t mean you can’t research them all.

making a list in order to find great place for big families
Here is our list of the best places in this County.

Rockville – since it is the first place on our list of the best places for big families

There is a reason why this city was first on our list. This city is most commonly regarded as one of America’s leading small cities for raising family, work but also education, and general living. It can even be a great place for seniors. 92% of residents there rated Rockville’s overall quality of life as excellent or good which tells you a lot about this place. If you decide to relocate here you can always engage specialists from the area to help you out with all your moving needs since relocations with big families can be very complicated if you try to do it on your own.

The most popular census-designated place in Montgomery County – Olney

Formerly known as village Mechanicsville. This place evolved to Olney back in 1800. Even though it’s small this place found its way to “100 best places to live in the U.S.” by Money magazine. This is a suburb of Washington DC and big families often enjoy life in quieter places like suburbs. Washington is a great place but a life there with a couple of kids and a big family, in general, can be quite hectic. If you like suburbs make sure to research Olney and if you think that it can be a perfect place for you and your family you can always settle in without worries with a little bit of help from professionals.

Garret Park

This town was named after a former president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Robert W. Garrett. This is a small town with a population of just over 1000 residents. But the commute is great from this place, most residents own their homes, and the prices of real estate are pretty reasonable. Also just like in many small towns safety is top-notch. There is not much crime here. Garrett Park Elementary School is known to be an excellent school.

Moving to Montgomery County with a big family

It’s not a big mystery why moving with multiple family members can be difficult. Too many household items, needy kids and so many factors make relocation very stressful. That’s why we always recommend hiring professionals to ease at list this part. Yes, it’s possible to have a stressless, and hassle-free relocation even with many family members and too much stuff that is in need of packing. This is what reliable movers like helixmove.com do for a living. They can do so much more than just heavy lifting. If you don’t have the time or the patience for packing – they can do it for you. Overwhelmed by logistics and all that planning that is necessary – they can do it for you as well.

Big family
Moving to a new place as a big family can be quite hectic.

Places to enjoy in Montgomery County with your big family

Once you relocate to this county in beautiful Maryland and settle in of course the time will come for all of you to explore everything that this county has to offer you like a big family. Sure this is a great place for big families to live here but is it also great for fun? Luckily for you, the answer is yes! Here is a list of things you should explore right away:

  • Make sure to visit the Elmwood Park Zoo – this is a great place for all age groups
  • Legoland is always a big hit for all age groups as well
  • Adventure Aquarium is a place you should most definitely visit
  • Woodmere Art Museum is more for adults
  • 96 miles of trails – a perfect place for active and adventurous family
  • Arnold’s family fun center – another great place for the kids where adults can relax while kids are running around and that is sometimes priceless

Make sure to ask locals to show you more cool places you and your family can check out once you are all settled in.

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