Wisconsin Moving Guide

Wisconsin is part of the USA’s heartland. Along with affordable living, beautiful nature, wonderful cities, and down-to-earth people, it’s obvious why the state is the celebrated treasure of the Midwest. So, if you consider relocating here, make sure you read this Wisconsin moving guide.

About Wisconsin

This state with a population of more than five million people covers 56,154 sq miles. Madison is the capital city, but the largest one is Milwaukee. The most notable physiographic Wisconsin feature is its profusion of lakes. More than 8,500, ranging in size from Lake Winnebago to tiny glacial lakes of surprising beauty. So, if you’re wondering if you should move from the big city to Wisconsin, continue reading and find out.

Wisconsin Madison City - Wisconsin Moving Guide
Read this Wisconsin Moving Guide before relocating here.

Wisconsin Moving Guide – Pros 

  • Cost of living. The cost of the living index here is about 97. So, Wisconsin lets you stretch your hard-earned dollar a lot further than in other states.
  • Cheap rent. Wisconsin ranks in the Top 5 for affordable monthly rent. It’s one of the states where renting is cheaper than buying. But, purchasing a home is also pretty affordable. So, find the perfect home and get help settling down even in distant parts of Wisconsin.
  • Recreational activities. From snow sports to boating and fishing, Wisconsin is famous for its year-round outdoor recreation.
  • Four seasons. People that appreciate the changing of the seasons will love what Wisconsin has to offer. All four seasons are on beautiful display here.
  • Parks all over the place. Do you enjoy hiking, camping, and the like? Well, you won’t be wanting with the 47 state parks.
  • Tons of festivals. Milwaukee called the City of Festivals. So, you can expect a festival that suits your particular tastes.
  • Cheese, brewskis, and brats. The Dairy State has a trio of popular offerings. Cheese, like mozzarella, cheddar, then craft beer, and bratwurst.
House Wisconsin
Wisconsin has affordable monthly rent.

Wisconsin Moving Guide – Cons

Before you learn how to spot the best moving companies in the USA, you should get the know cons of life in Wisconsin. Cons are:

  • Higher taxes. According to WalletHub, Wisconsin is ranked #45 overall in the USA. Also, the state has one of the highest property tax rates.
  • Extreme temperatures. This goes for both summer and winter. In summer, especially in the southern part of the state, temps can hover in the 90s. In winter, the average low is about 7°F with a lot of snow.
  • Moo smell. The state is the main producer of dairy in the USA, so there is one stinky problem. It’s manure. This is more of an issue in rural areas, but it bears mentioning.
  • Overweight issues. Wisconsin residents tend to on the heavier side. A high rate of obesity can be connected with diet, cheese, brew, brats, and the sedentary nature of cold winter living.
  • Pesky bugs. There is no escaping a wide variety of pests. From bugs and mosquitoes to gnats and boxelder bugs. So, pack a bottle or two of bug spray before moving here.
  • Wacky laws. Wisconsin has some weird statutes. Like, it’s against the law to make cheese that’s not highly pleasing. Also, in La Crosse, worrying about squirrels is illegal.

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